Co-ordinator’s comment

This article was published in 2007, in Newsletter 75.

Expansion of the Campaign

Martin Lucas-Smith, Co-ordinator
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We held our AGM at the start of November, and I would like to thank all those who came along, as well as everyone who has helped in any way over the last year with the work of the Campaign.

The news that we are on course for 1,000 members in the coming 6 months or so is excellent, and reflects well on the Campaign, a body which has become extremely busy and which is increasingly asked to work on ever more issues. Even without the huge changes proposed by the Congestion Charge proposals as well as the 47,500 new dwellings proposed for around Cambridge, we have our hands extremely full!

It does also open the whole question of the structure of the Campaign and the question of paid staff. It was therefore extremely good to be able to announce at the AGM that three-year funding for a Campaign worker of some kind has been found, thanks to an extremely generous donor, although many details are to be sorted out before this can be finalised. The intention of this is very much to facilitate the work of volunteers and indeed increase their number, and there was enthusiastic endorsement of this from members at the AGM. Watch this space.

Simon Nuttall’s new film
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Cycling in the City: our new film

Our new film, kindly created by Simon Nuttall (who has continued as lead developer of our online mapping system), called Cambridge: Cycling in the City 2007, was shown at the AGM. (An earlier ‘beta’ of the film was also shown at an earlier Monthly Meeting.)

It gives an excellent introduction to cycling in Cambridge generally, as well as accessible discussion on the problems that cyclists face, in particular many of the subjects that we have often campaigned on.

The film – five minutes long and on our website – is well worth a watch, and may prove an effective way to get our message across. Ideas for the 2008 edition are welcome! Thanks to Simon for his hard work on this.

Congestion charging and the £500m

At last, the proposals have been issued in detail. There is an enormous amount of documentation which we as a Campaign need to go through, as well as much scope for ourselves to influence the plans.

As I outlined in my review of the year to the AGM, the proposals could represent an enormous opportunity for cycling, but they also come attached with challenges, specifically the need to ensure that any money spent on cycling – and some £50m has been mooted – is spent wisely.

Our monthly meetings will be a key forum to discuss the proposals, to bring the Campaign to a formal position on them.

Martin Lucas-Smith, Co-ordinator