Your streets this month

This article was published in 2005, in Newsletter 63.

Victoria Avenue

The two Pelican crossings over Victoria Avenue are being converted into Toucans to enable cyclists to cross without dismounting. The crossing nearest to the Four Lamps roundabout has been completed and is a great improvement. The crossing nearest to the river is not yet complete (though this may happen by the time this newsletter reaches you). (See the article elsewhere in this newsletter)

Station Cycle Bridge

New view – Cycle bridge at the station
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The second phase of renewing the plastic covering and the floor has now been completed. It is a pleasure, once again, to have a view from the bridge. The view has much changed since we last saw it, with a great variety of new buildings and only a fleeting glimpse of the Gog Magog hills.

The final section over the railway line will be renewed as soon as a date can be found when it can be coordinated with railway maintenance work which necessitates the closure of the line – the bridge work cannot take place unless the power lines are deactivated

Hills Road Bridge

Who gets pavement space? Hills Road railway bridge
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We have attended some stakeholder meetings about how to provide more safely for cyclists using Hills Road Bridge. Several options were put forward ranging from just sharing the pavements to building a separate pedestrian bridge on the station side (see Your streets this month, Newsletter 61). The real problems – and most of the accidents – are at the junctions at the ends of the bridge, especially the northern one where space is restricted by the Earl of Derby pub. There will be a public consultation in the near future.

South Cambridge Cycleways

Work has started on widening and resurfacing the shared-use pavements along Brooklands Avenue. Similar work will soon take place in Long Road and installation of a Toucan crossing between Robinson Way and Hills Road has been agreed.

It is hoped that work on the improvements to the cycle route along Porson Road and the alleyway through to Rutherford Road will begin in January. (See the article elsewhere in this newsletter)


It is proposed that Riverside should be closed to through traffic between the River Lane and Stanley Road. A row of bollards will be positioned at either end of the area immediately surrounding the new bridge on which construction is expected to start early next year. A combination of fixed and drop-down bollards will be used to allow emergency access. Comments on the proposals can be made to Brian Stinton, ET1028, Castle Court, Shire Hall CB3 0AP or by 2nd December.

Norfolk Street-Burleigh Street

Norfolk Street: entry to the new Toucan crossing
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The crossing between these streets across East Road has now been converted to a Toucan, enabling legitimate cycling across the road. Work is almost complete and when it is cyclists will be able to press a button in easy reach to change the lights. There seems to be a good space for both pedestrians and cyclists to wait and there is now less conflict going in and out of Norfolk Street. We hope that markings on the ground will direct cyclists off the pavement once they are in Norfolk Street.

Milton Road

A consultation document has been circulated and staffed exhibitions have been held about proposed changes in Milton Road between Mitcham’s Corner and Arbury Road. The most contentious part of the proposals is at the junction with Arbury Road and Union Lane. We believe that the proposals here will cause difficulties for cyclists and equally severe congestion for motor vehicles at other junctions along Milton Road. Comments have to be in by 25 November (two days after this newsletter has been put into envelopes) but if you are lucky enough to receive this newsletter in time, comments can be emailed to (See the article elsewhere in this newsletter)