Southern Fringe: Some projects under way

This article was published in 2005, in Newsletter 63.

As explained in the article on Sheep’s Green Bridge (see the second article in this newsletter), the County Council was given a large grant for cycling infrastructure because of the huge housing developments to take place around Trumpington. Some of this money is already being used for three projects.

Brooklands Avenue
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To improve cycle access to the new developments off Brooklands Avenue, work has started on widening and resurfacing the shared-use pavements along along the road. This work will include all the areas slabbed at present on both sides of the road. It will not include the narrow stretch beside English Heritage where there is a listed wall.

The shared use will end on the north side a little before the point where the road widens to two lanes at the approach to Hills Road and, though this is thoroughly unsatisfactory, they say that it will only be a relatively temporary arrangement as the whole area of the Hills Road-Brooklands Avenue junction will have to be remodelled when the station area is developed. A toucan crossing is to be installed to give cycle and pedestrian access to the new housing site and, maybe, one day, if a suitable route can be found, a way right through to Long Road.

Long Road upgrade
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Upgrading of the shared-use pavements on both sides of the whole length of Long Road is also taking place (work was delayed because of sewer works). At the same time the lighting will be replaced, with the lighting columns moved to the back of the footway.

On 17 October the Cambridge Traffic Management Area Joint Committee approved the installation of a Toucan crossing between Robinson Way and Hills Road in order to improve cycle access to the Addenbrooke’s site.

It is hoped that work on the improvements to the cycle route along Porson Road and the alleyway between Porson Road and Rutherford Road will begin in January. Arrangements will be made so that cyclists can legitimately reach the toucan crossing of Trumpington Road and so continue their journey along the Trumpington Road cycle path. The central barrier along the alley to Rutherford Road will be removed, as will the pram arms at the ends.

A cycle route almost entirely off road (though much of it shared use) will thus be created from the city centre, and from Newnham and beyond, to the new developments due to take place beyond Long Road, to Queen Edith’s and Cherry Hinton, Addenbrooke’s Hospital and Long Road Sixth Form College.

Lisa Woodburn