Carlton Way

This article was published in 2004, in Newsletter 57.

Carlton Way: The first of two tight right-angle turns on the now shared-use pavement.
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Earlier this year (in Newsletter 54) we reported on the County Council’s proposals for a traffic calming scheme in the Carlton Way area of Arbury.

The scheme, as originally approved by July’s Cambridge Environment and Transport Area Joint Committee, included:

  • various speed cushions on Carlton Way
  • a mini-roundabout at the Perse Way-Carlton Way junction ‘to emphasise priorities’
  • an ‘uncontrolled’ pedestrian crossing point on Carlton Way, opposite the shops
  • a pavement cycle-path on the east side of Carlton Way
  • fencing, to prevent cars parking on verges
  • a new lay-by on the east (school) side of Carlton Way, to allow school children to be dropped off and picked up.
Part of the Carlton Way shared-use pavement puts cyclists right next to driveways with many hedges.
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This is because the County Council conducted a safety audit after the speed cushions had been installed, but before the roundabout work started. The safety audit determined that there were problems with the proposed layout of the roundabout, with the poor visibility to the right when emerging onto the roundabout, and with the likelihood of problems from vehicles turning into and out of driveways from houses opposite the roundabout. (These last two points shouldn’t have been a surprise, as they were pointed out in many consultation responses.)

Many of the consultation replies raised concerns about the poor visibility at the Perse Way-Carlton Way junction, for those turning out of Perse Way, due to the parked vehicles close to the shops. The new railings here have definitely improved this situation, by preventing illegal parking on the pavement.

The scheme is now largely complete, but with one notable omission. There is no mini roundabout. Instead, two additional speed cushions are likely to be installed.

Clare Macrae