This article was published in 2004, in Newsletter 54.

Carlton Way: traffic calming and pavement cycling proposed.
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Cambridgeshire County Council has proposed a traffic calming scheme for the Carlton Way area in Arbury, which according to the council has a worse accident [sic] record than normal in Cambridge due to excessive traffic speeds. The focus of the scheme is the primary school and the local shops. The draft scheme includes speed cushions at the entrances to the area, a mini-roundabout at the Perse Way junction and a pavement cycleway on the east side of Carlton Way. Putting cyclists on the pavement won’t, of course, do anything to reduce traffic speeds, but may be helpful for local children.

Cambridge City Council Parks & Recreation Department would like your ideas on how to manage Midsummer Common, which gets used by vehicles for various fairs and events (and the finish of the London to Cambridge charity bike ride) every year. Send comments to John Roebuck, Head of Parks & Recreation, Hobson House, 44 St Andrews Street, Cambridge CB2 3AS; e-mail

The auctions of unclaimed cycles from the police store of recovered machines have stopped. Their organizer cannot continue because of long-term health problems. The police have not decided whether to restart these auctions.

The London Cycling Action Plan is available as a 52-page document at:

Ken Livingstone says it ‘…provides a comprehensive and interlinked set of actions that will deliver significant benefits to London’s cycling environment and encourage more Londoners to take to their bicycles. My long-term target, a 200% increase in cycling in London, reflects the important benefits that cycling can bring to the Capital, and by 2010 I expect to see an 80% increase in cycling.’

You may have seen details of the traffic orders to introduce the temporary changes and permanent access restrictions in the St Andrew’s Street-Hobson Street Pedestrian Zone. These were formally advertised in the Cambridge Evening News on 14 May. If you missed them there, you will be able to find them on Cambridgeshire County Council’s web site. The changes are much as we expected, though not quite what we would have wanted. Some cycle racks will be moved from outside Bradwell’s Court to make room for the new Blue Badge-holder parking bay. But we are pleased that the changes include a metre-wide advisory contra-flow southbound cycle lane on the eastern side of St Andrew’s Street.

Also on the County Council web site you will be able to find details of the new operational hours at the Park and Ride sites and the arrangements for those who need to return after the sites have closed. The Campaign was among the seventy-nine objectors to the original proposals and the new arrangements are an improvement on those. It will be possible to obtain a parking permit to exempt vehicles after the official closing time.