Queen’s Road

This article was published in 2003, in Newsletter 49.

Queen's Road crossing

We’ve long complained about the inadequacy of the crossing of Queen’s Road linking Burrell’s Walk with Garret Hostel Lane. We reported in Newsletter 48 that it was going to be changed. The work has now been done. The crossing has been turned into a Toucan (shared by pedestrians and cyclists), where previously cycling across was an offence, though universally done. It has been lined up with the approaches so it is much more convenient and does not tangle walkers and cyclists around artificial barriers. We have been assured that detector loops will be installed in the approaches so cyclists don’t have to find a button to push, but this has not happened yet. When it does, the crossing should be a model of its kind. The ice cream van that has a licence to park in the approach will move at the end of this season.