Your streets this month

This article was published in 2003, in Newsletter 48.

King's Hedges Road junction with Campkin Road
Looking along King’s Hedges Road, at the junction with Campkin Road. Council proposals would turn this pavement into a cycle route, which would swing out into King’s Hedges Road to cross side-roads.

Approved: first the bad news….

Councillors have voted to remove the cycle lanes from a 250 m section of Milton Road between Woodhead Road and King’s Hedges Road to make room for an outbound bus lane, despite our impassioned opposition to one of the most cycle-hostile road schemes in recent years.

On 23 June South Cambridgeshire councillors will decide whether to approve the widening of Milton Road to create a dedicated left-turn-only lane on the approach to the A14 roundabout, despite the difficulties this will cause for cyclists heading for Butt Lane, Impington.

… then the good

Councillors have confirmed that Silver Street will be closed to most motor traffic between 10 am and 4 pm and between midnight and 6 am from this summer onwards. Rising bollards will be introduced in the wide section between the bridge and Queen’s Road, with cycles, buses and taxis allowed through at all times. During the periods when the bollards are not in operation, a ‘tidal flow’ system will operate: between 6 am and 10 am, only motor vehicles heading towards the city centre will be allowed through the bollards, whilst between 4 pm and midnight the bollards will only be open for motor vehicles heading out of the city centre. Two-way traffic will continue to be allowed on either side of the bollards at all times, and the narrow pavements east of the bridge will remain. Construction work will take place over the summer.

Crossing on Queen's Road
This crossing on Queen’s Road between Garret Hostel Lane and Burrell’s Walk will be much easier to use once the barriers have been removed, and the crossing is converted to a toucan cycle crossing.

Final approval has also been given to the conversion of the pelican crossing across Queen’s Road between Garret Hostel Lane and Burrell’s Walk to a toucan cycle crossing. The chicane on each side will be removed and cyclists should be able to ride across in a straight line. We have been separately assured that detector loops will be introduced, removing the need for cyclists to press a button.

Other schemes

The downside of the Silver Street changes is that a number of measures to increase the traffic capacity of the ring road have also been given final approval. On Gonville Place – the busy road that runs along the edge of Parker’s Piece – almost all the central islands will be removed to create an extra lane for traffic heading west. New lane markings will be introduced on the roundabouts on Madingley Road and Newnham Road to create two-lane approaches, making it harder for bikes to get past the queues.

Under consultation

Consultation is under way on a proposal to introduce narrow cycle lanes on Coldham’s Lane between the Brooks Road roundabout and the traffic signals at Cromwell Road, as reported in Newsletter 47. The lanes will be a mere 1.2 m wide, which will force cyclists to ride much closer to the kerb and the parking bays than at present. We have told the council that this would make conditions worse for cyclists. Comments to Jon Finney.

A mixture of on-road and off-road cycle facilities are proposed for King’s Hedges Road between Northfield Avenue and Milton Road. For cyclists heading towards Milton Road, a cycle lane will be introduced between King’s Hedges Drive and Milton Road. For cyclists heading away from Milton Road the route is essentially on the pavement, but with an interesting twist (literally!): every time the pavement cycleway meets a side road, instead of cyclists having to stop and give way to traffic on the side road, the cycleway rejoins King’s Hedges Road as a cycle lane, runs past the end of the side road, and then rejoins the pavement. The result is a cycleway that weaves in and out rather a lot but which does appear to maintain priority over side roads. Comments to John Isherwood.

A new toucan crossing is proposed for Barton Road, just east of the junction with Grantchester Road. A kerb build-out is also proposed at the junction with Grange Road, to improve visibility for emerging traffic, though this may cause a pinch point for cyclists. Comments to Jon Finney.

A number of minor measures are proposed for Cherry Hinton Road between Queen Edith’s Way and Perne Road. The main change will be anti-skid surfacing, red-surfaced cycle ‘strips’ across the end of side roads and some new ‘think bike’ signs for drivers. Red cycle strips across side roads are also proposed for Perne Road. Comments on both to Graham Taylor.

Addresses for comments

Jon Finney,
Cambridge City Council,
The Guildhall, Cambridge CB2 3LQ
(Coldham’s Lane, Barton Road)

Graham Taylor,
Cambridge City Council,
The Guildhall, Cambridge CB2 3LQ
(Cherry Hinton Road, Perne Road)

John Isherwood, Senior Engineer,
Cambridge City Council,
The Guildhall, Cambridge CB2 3LQ
(King’s Hedges Road)