Your streets this month

This article was published in 2003, in Newsletter 47.

New route to the west

The Highways Agency is proposing a major road scheme for the A428 west of Cambridge. Four and a half miles of completely new dual carriageway are to be built parallel to the existing road between Hardwick and Caxton Common. The new road will have junctions at Hardwick, where there is an existing roundabout, and at Cambourne, where a big junction has already been built, and will end at the existing Caxton Gibbet roundabout. Almost the entire length of the existing road will remain for the use of local traffic (including cyclists) to and from Highfields, Childerley, Bourn, Knapwell and Elsworth. This very busy route is currently something of a no-go area for cyclists and the construction of the new road will open up the existing road as a route for cyclists for the first time in decades. In addition, residents of Cambourne will for the first time have a direct cycleable route towards Cambridge. Comments to the Highways Agency.

Other proposals

The Area Joint Committee will soon take a decision on the County Council’s proposal to remove the cycle lanes from a 250 m length of Milton Road between Woodhead Drive and King’s Hedges Road to make room for an outbound bus lane. There is no credible evidence to justify this. See the campaigning update on page 2.

To reduce the number of accidents involving cyclists, an accident remedial scheme is proposed for the roundabout at Mowbray Road, Queen Edith’s Way and Fendon Road. The roundabout will be raised slightly and made more conspicuous, and each of the three approach roads will have a central traffic island with ‘keep left’ bollards installed.

Mowbray Raod junction
Visibility at the Mowbray Road roundabout has always been a problem, especially heading west along Queen Edith’s Way.
Coldhams Lane
Cycle lanes along Coldham’s Lane? The parking bays alongside make this a less than satisfactory proposal. We view attempts to use cyclists as traffic calming with caution.
Cycle lanes are proposed for Coldham’s Lane between the Brooks Road roundabout and the signals at Cromwell Road. The intention is to make the road appear narrower to drivers and so reduce vehicle speeds rather than to improve conditions for cyclists. Indeed cycle lanes may actually make conditions worse if they are not wide enough, especially as they would run alongside parking bays on each side. We would rather see something done about the fast and intimidating Sainsbury’s roundabout instead. We are currently discussing this with Cambridge City Council. Comments to Jon Finney.
A traffic calming scheme is proposed for the Alpha Road area, consisting mainly of raised tables at junctions and a total of eight ‘pinch points’ on Magrath Avenue, Hertford Street and Alpha Road. We have objected to the pinch points on the grounds that they will cause difficulties for cyclists. Comments to John Isherwood. Hertford Street
Hertford Street and its neighbours may get pinch points to slow traffic. But is there really a problem here in the first place?

Cambridgeshire County Council has chosen the location of a new cycle/pedestrian bridge from Riverside to Chesterton, following a period of consultation. The four options were described in Newsletter 45 The council selected Option 4, the most easterly of the options proposed and the one which we felt helped the most cyclists.

Under construction

Construction has started on an accident remedial scheme for Mitcham’s Corner, involving an assortment of traffic signals and a rather limited set of pavement cycleways. For more details see Newsletter 45.

Finished at last

Newmarket Road railway bridge has been much improved; see the article in this newsletter.

Addresses for comments

Highways Agency, Heron House, 49-53 Goldington Road, Bedford MK40 3LL
e-mail, by 31 March 2003. (A428)

Jon Finney, Cambridge City Council, The Guildhall, Cambridge CB2 3LQ
e-mail (Coldham’s Lane)

John Isherwood, Senior Engineer, Cambridge City Council, The Guildhall, Cambridge CB2 3LQ
e-mail (Alpha Road area, Newmarket Road railway bridge)