Newmarket Road

This article was published in 2003, in Newsletter 47.

New bus lane

Parking is to be banned on the north side of Newmarket Road between River Lane and the entrance to Tesco to allow the inside lane to be designated as a bus and cycle lane. It is a pleasant change to see a proposal for a bus lane which removes road space from cars rather than from cyclists. A bus lane here is probably good news as it will help cyclists get through the traffic congestion that routinely occurs along this section.

Newmarket Road bus lane
Newmarket Road: an extension of the bus lane may help cyclists here, where car parking currently forms a virtual third lane and cyclists are squeezed alongside the parked cars.

Railway bridge route finished

Thank You

The long saga of Newmarket Road railway bridge has at last come to an end, with the completion of work to widen the pavement cycleway on the north side. Nearby, cattle grids have been constructed at the entrance to Coldham’s Common and the pelican crossing here has been converted to a toucan and aligned properly with the path. Together, these very welcome improvements mean that cyclists from Coldham’s Common and Ditton Walk have a significantly easier journey down to the river.

The crossing from Coldham’s Common is vastly improved, whilst the right turn from Ditton Walk, though still more awkward than we would like, is much easier than before because of the widened path. For cyclists riding along Newmarket Road itself, the outbound cycle lane has been retained, whilst in the other direction the inbound cycle lane has been reinstated, five years after it was obliterated as part of the bus lane scheme.

Newmarket Road railway bridge
Newmarket Road at the railway bridge: huge improvements here as works are completed. Apart from the narrow section over the bridge, where councillors refused to remove a right turn lane to make room, this new facility looks very good indeed.