Reporting faults and problems

This article was published in 2003, in Newsletter 46.

Road conditions and street furniture

  • To report specific potholes, poor surfaces and overgrown foliages within the City, Fulbourn and Histon
  • Street/traffic lights: report the town,street and post number to:

  • Broken Glass on road or paths: Street Scene phone 01223 458282
  • For off-road areas within the City such as the commons, call the City Council.
  • For general complaints about lack of facilities or poor surface quality write (not phone) to Brian Smith, Director of Environment and Transport, Cambridgeshire County Council, Shire Hall, Castle Hill, Cambridge CB3 0AP.


  • Police – Parkside, Cambridge: phone 01223 358966. Make sure you ask for a log number, and report any problem/incident as soon as possible.
  • See also our Injury/Collision Advice web pages

Cycle parking

  • For cycle parking, contact both City and County Councils.
  • For cycle parking at the station, contact WAGN.
  • You may be interested to find out more about Simon Nuttall’s work with the Police to provide more cycle parking and reduce theft.

Poor driver behaviour

  • For parking in bike lanes and similar, the Senior Traffic Warden phone 01223 358966
  • See also our Car parking postcard

Taxis: Bad driving, etc.

  • Contact the Transport Services Division: phone01223 457888 or fax: 01223 457889
  • Taxi Licensing, Cambridge City Council, Mill Road Depot, Cambridge, CB1 2AZ

Abandoned Cars

  • Cambridge City Council – Environment & Planning Department – Highways Section, Cambridge City Council, The Guildhall, Cambridge, CB2 3QJ
  • Highways Inspector phone 01223 458282


  • Stagecoach Cambus (including Park & Ride): Chris Moderate, Operations Manager, Stagecoach Cambus, 100 Cowley Road, Cambridge, CB4 4DN
  • Guide Friday Tour Buses:, or: The Manager, Guide Friday Tourism Centre, Cambridge Railway Station, Cambridge CB1 2JH, England