Reporting faults and problems

This section of the website contains information on where to turn if you have a complaint concerning road maintenance and other similar problems.

Road conditions and street furniture

  • Highway Policies and Standards lists the standards in operation.
  • Potholes, poor surfaces and overgrown foliage:
  • Obstructions (barriers, kerbs etc): report them on Cycling Sorted
  • Street lights and traffic lights
  • Sweeping of broken glass / dirt on road / paths or blocked manhole covers:
  • For off-road areas within the City such as the commons, call the City Council.
  • For general complaints about lack of facilities or poor surface quality write (not phone) to Mark Kemp, Service Director Highways and Access, Cambridgeshire County Council, Shire Hall, Castle Hill, Cambridge CB3 0AP.
  • For other specific hazards write to the County as above.
  • Ironwork in cycle lanes: Highway Policies and Standards state that if ironwork is out by 20mm it should be fixed within 24 hours of being reported.
  • Streetworks: Information on national legislation: see the streetworks part of the list of reference resources.
  • Want more cycle racks? Request them on Cycling Sorted


  • Police – In an emergency, dial 999. For non-critical items, call in at Parkside, Cambridge or call 101. Make sure you ask for an incident number, and report any problem/incident as soon as possible.
  • See also our Injury/Collision Advice pages

Cycle parking

  • Want more cycle racks? Request them on Cycling Sorted
  • For cycle parking, contact both City and County Councils.
  • For cycle parking at the station, contact Greater Anglia, 0845 600 7245 or email

Poor driver behaviour

  • Parking offences (but not enforcement of cycle lanes, which is dealt with by the police) are now dealt with by the Cambridgeshire County Council’s Parking Services team. To report parking offences, call (01223) 727900. To request double yellow lines, or for help with other issues, call 0345 045 5212 or email e-mail
  • Buses: see below.
  • Taxis: see below.
  • Vehicle data check facility

Taxis: Bad driving, etc.

  • Contact Taxi Licensing: phone: 01223 457888 or fax: 01223 457889
  • E-mail, saying what happened and when, and, if you can, identify the driver and vehicle, and include your contact details. See more info on the City Council’s website.

Abandoned cars

  • Contact the City Council using the abandoned vehicle report form on the council’s website
  • Report the: registration number, place, colour, make, your name, address & telephone number. Inform them if it is dangerous (ie broken glass or burnt out)

Abandoned bikes

  • Report via the City Council website
  • Cambridge City Council city rangers: or 01223 458282
  • If you think the bikes have been stolen then dumped you should let the Police know by calling 101.


  • Stagecoach (including Park & Ride): Operations Manager, Stagecoach in Cambridge, 100 Cowley Road, Cambridge, CB4 0DN. E-mail: (01223) 433250. [See our Newsletter article on this.]
  • City Sightseeing buses are operated in Cambridge by Stagecoach – contact them using the details above.

Smoky Diesel vehicles

Contacting Local Authorities

Contact details for the City and County Councils are available via: