Let there be light

This article was published in 2002, in Newsletter 43.

Thank you!In Newsletter 42, we regretted that edge markings had not been installed on the now not-so-new cycle track on Babraham Road. Almost immediately after the newsletter was published, street lighting was installed on that stretch of road. This was funded as part of the Park & Ride site extension and was, apparently, promoted by Shelford councillor Michael Farrar.

Street lighting not only helps cyclists to see the edge of the path, it also helps to reduce the impact of car headlights, one of the serious problems with this kind of one-side-of-the-road facility. While there are some people who are concerned about the urbanising effect along the fringes of the city, this will surely be a big improvement for commuting, especially in winter.

Image as described adjacent
The Bottisham path now has white lines making it much easier to see the edge in the dark winter evenings.

The new path from Bottisham now also has a white line edge marking similar to that shown at Hauxton Road in Newsletter 42, but over a much extended length. Let’s hope that the principle is now accepted and that we can have white lining on all unlit sections of path. Street lighting is very expensive and isn’t going to be acceptable everywhere. This is a good alternative.

David Earl

As part of the Park & Ride site extension works, street lights have been installed on Babraham Road specifically to make the cycle track easier to use in the dark. (But if they were put in specially for cycles, why weren’t they put in at the edge of the path, not the edge of the road?) Image as described adjacent