Where’s the edge?

This article was published in 2002, in Newsletter 42.

Image as described adjacent The cycle track alongside Babraham Road between the Park & Ride site and Addenbrooke’s was supposed to include integral reflective edge markings. These were agreed at our request during consultation, but just forgotten about during construction. Now, a couple of years on, we still don’t have any edge markings on this unlit path.
Image as described adjacent In the meantime, a reconstructed path alongside the first stretch of Hauxton Road after leaving the M11 roundabout towards Cambridge has had a bright white line painted along the edge. When we repeatedly asked for this arrangement on Fulbourn Road several years ago, the County Council was adamant in refusing, despite the difficulty for cyclists in seeing the edge in the dark. We were told that motorists might mistake the line for one along the edge of the road and hit the kerb. So just what has changed in the meantime?
Image as described adjacent Instead, the cycle track alongside Fulbourn Road was laid with a miserable bit of glued-on shingle along the edge which reduced the useful width from just about OK to narrow, and leaves the path permanently covered in little bits of gravel – just what the cyclist needs!
Please can we have some bright white lines everywhere like this?