Your streets this month

This article was published in 2002, in Newsletter 42.


A major scheme has been proposed to reduce casualties and improve conditions for cyclists at Mitcham’s Corner, the busy junction where five roads meet at the north end of Victoria Avenue. See article for details.

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Gonville Place: Extra traffic lane proposed.

Councillors have also approved for consultation a whole series of measures to reduce motor traffic in the southern half of the City Centre. The proposals include closing Silver Street to motor vehicles during the middle of the day, possibly in conjunction with a tidal flow system at other times, and restricting access to Regent Street. Less welcome measures to increase the traffic capacity of the ring road, especially by building an extra traffic lane in Gonville Place, have also been proposed. See article.


The experiment in which cyclists were exempted from the one-way restrictions in Bene’t Street, Hope Street and at the far end of Burleigh Street is to be made permanent. Council officers have also accepted our request for a segregated entry point for cyclists to be provided at the King’s Parade end of Bene’t Street, where a footway build-out reduces the road to a single lane. Re-introduction of no-entry signs will not only help cyclists, but also reduce motorist violations here. See article.

Under Construction

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Traffic calming under construction in Chesterton High Street.

Work has started on a £270,000 traffic-calming scheme in the Chesterton High Street area. This involves the construction of a series of raised tables and junction remodelling at both Church Street junctions. It will, unfortunately, also include narrowing the High Street between Chapel Street and Church Street (east). As part of the scheme, St Andrew’s Road will be closed to vehicles at its junction with Elizabeth Way, which is likely to happen towards the end of the works which are due to be completed by mid-August.

Construction of the Jubilee Cycleway across Stourbridge Common and Ditton Meadows continues to progress, albeit extremely slowly. See article.


Bidwells, the company that manages Cambridge Science Park, has written to us to announce that a new cycle route from King’s Hedges Road to the Science Park is now open. Unfortunately it is rather narrow, requires cyclists to give way twice to cross side roads, is poorly integrated with the road network at each end and is closed with a locked gate at 7.30 pm each weekday evening and all day at weekends. We have asked for a meeting to discuss possible improvements.

Contractors working in Trumpington Road have corrected a number of minor blunders on the new cycleway there. A number of ‘cyclists dismount’ signs that had been incorrectly installed at toucan crossings have now been removed, and some bumpy kerbs have now been made flush.