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This article was published in 2002, in Newsletter 41.

U-turn u-turn

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Councillors have overturned their decision to remove the U-turn here on Newmarket Road, which would have made room for a cycle track.

City and County Councillors have overturned their previous decision to proceed with plans to construct a high-quality cycle scheme over the railway bridge at Newmarket Road. The scheme would have seen one lane of the dual carriageway (currently used only for U-turns) removed to make room for a decent-width cycle track, entirely separate from the existing narrow shared-use pavement, as well as retaining a cycle lane on the road. However, councillors have changed their minds about removing the U-turn and have sent council officers back to the drawing board. Suggestions to John Isherwood.

Buildout confirmed

Councillors have approved plans to construct a buildout at a new zebra crossing on Tenison Road (see the report in Newsletter 40 and the article this month). We were able to persuade councillors to amend the plans slightly and, as a result, the buildout will be shorter than was originally proposed. It will stick out into the road just as much, however.


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Silver Street: A traffic-free road might be a more common sight in the future.

Consultations have started on measures to reduce traffic in Silver Street. Every day, this very narrow road carries up to 4000 cyclists between west Cambridge and the rest of the city. Complete closure, as in Bridge Street or Emmanuel Road, appears to have been ruled out. The most likely options are: a part-time closure to all motor vehicles between 9.30 am and 4 pm; some type of ‘tidal flow’ with motor vehicles entering the city centre in the morning and leaving it in the afternoon, or perhaps a combination of the two. See article; comments to Richard Preston.

The County Council has at last decided that something needs to be done about Mitcham’s Corner, the fast blind-cornered gyratory where five major roads meet at the north end of Victoria Avenue.

There are no definite proposals yet, but it looks as if we will see traffic signals introduced where each road joins the gyratory. We will be arguing that much more needs to done to reduce what is, probably, the most unpleasant junction in the city for cyclists. Cyclists are currently faced with long diversions around the gyratory, especially northbound, and forced to ride in the middle of the road with traffic speeding past on both sides. The current proposals will do nothing to change this. See article.

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Radegund Road: Traffic calming likely (but not, unfortunately, at the junction with Coleridge Road, shown here).

We have been asked to comment on a proposed traffic-calming scheme for Radegund Road. The current proposals are to introduce buildouts in three locations, which will reduce the road to a single lane. The idea is that drivers will have to stop and give way to oncoming traffic. There will be bypasses to allow cyclists to avoid them having to compete with motor vehicles at these buildouts. There will also be ‘speed cushions’ in the middle of each narrowing. The result would be similar to that in Grange Road, except that only very short lengths of cycle lane are proposed in the vicinity of the narrowings.

It is hoped that these changes will discourage traffic and reduce speeds without causing much inconvenience to cyclists. However, we are concerned that parking close to the narrowings will cause a problem, and have therefore asked for longer cycle lanes on each side of each narrowing. We have also asked for a 20mph speed limit and for a cycle route to be developed between nearby Golding Road and Ashbury Close. Comments to Sally Oates.


The cycle bridge at Coldham’s Lane is delayed from its original ambitious timetable. The chaos at Railtrack has made it hard to move forward with the proposals, and it seems unlikely that it will now open this year as intended. We criticised the whole scheme because it doesn’t properly address cycle movements away from Newmarket Road, and because it retains a busy roundabout at one end.

Addresses for comments

John Isherwood, Senior Engineer,
Cambridge City Council, The Guildhall,
Cambridge CB2 3JQ.

Richard Preston,
Team Leader (Cambridge Projects), Mailbox ET1018,
Cambridgeshire County Council,
Castle Court, Shire Hall,
Cambridge CB3 0AP.

Sally Oates, Cambridge City Council,
The Guildhall, Cambridge CB2 3JQ.