Your streets this month

This article was published in 2002, in Newsletter 40.

This month’s new buildout

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Teversham: speed cushions are better for cyclists than the more common speed humps

Cambridge City Council has proposed the installation of a zebra crossing on Tenison Road, a few metres south of its junction with Tenison Avenue. If the scheme goes ahead, the cycle lane on the west side will be reduced in length and the space used to create a pavement buildout plus several additional parking spaces.

We have no problem with a zebra crossing here, but will be strongly opposing the buildout and loss of cycle lane. Installing the crossing without a buildout would require the removal of parking spaces to create visibility, something the council has in the past been reluctant to do.

Ironically, the council considered the alternative of providing a pedestrian phase at the nearby Devonshire Road signals, but rejected it because of the delays this would cause to cyclists using the east-west cycle route via the cycle bridge. We support this aim, but feel that it should be possible to design the signals to avoid such delays.

More bad news

A new access road from King’s Hedges Road to Cambridge Science Park has been opened. For cyclists living in King’s Hedges and Arbury this offers a much more direct alternative to the main entrance off Milton Road. Unfortunately the new road is obstructed by rising steps which, when in operation, will make it impassable to cyclists. The result is one of the most incompetent and cycle-hostile pieces of road design seen in Cambridge for some time. See article.

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A new shared-use pavement has been constructed on the north side at the Fulbourn end of Teversham, but this is only one metre wide, well below the council’s normal standards.

Other news

The County Council has resurrected proposals to close the level crossing on Fulbourn Old Drift, the main cycle route between Cherry Hinton and Fulbourn. A new cycle path would be constructed along the railway on the Tesco side, ending at the level crossing on Yarrow Road. See article. The scheme will improve access to Tesco, avoid the need to dismount and cross the railway, but is otherwise fairly neutral in its impact on cyclists. Unfortunately nothing is proposed to assist cyclists crossing Yarrow Road, and nothing is proposed to link the new path to the new Capital Park office development.

Under construction

Work continues on the construction of the ‘Jubilee Cycleway ‘ across Stourbridge Common and Ditton Meadows. When this is complete it will provide a traffic-free route from Riverside to the Wadloes Road estate and beyond. The base of the new path (between the Green Dragon bridge and Howard Road) was laid some weeks ago but still awaits its final surface. Construction of the crossing underneath the railway (along the edge of the river) has at last begun. In addition, several small bridges over drains have yet to be completed.

The new path links up with the existing Wadloes Path from Howard Road to Fen Ditton which has been reconstructed and widened – a great improvement in itself.

Work also continues on the shared-use cycle path along Newmarket Road between the Airport Way roundabout and Bottisham. So far, the quality of construction looks good.


A traffic calming scheme has been completed on the main roads through Teversham. The main change is the introduction of speed cushions. These are a much more cycle-friendly way of reducing vehicle speeds than the chicanes that were introduced several years ago at the Fulbourn end, and which still remain.

99% complete

The cycle path along the inbound side of Trumpington Road is now complete. Well, 99% complete anyway. See the article for the latest in this sorry saga.