City Centre update

This article was published in 2001, in Newsletter 39.

Thank you to all who, at short notice, signed our recent petition seeking to rescind the Cambridge city centre cycling ban.

The petition gained us the opportunity to speak for five minutes at the Cambridge Environment and Transport Area Joint Committee meeting on 29 October. The text of this presentation is reproduced below.

We were keen to point out that we’re not asking for cyclists to be able to speed through the city centre, expecting pedestrians to jump out of the way. We accept that cyclists must ride with care and consideration for pedestrians: Trinity Street demonstrates how this already works.

Following discussions, Councillors on the committee resolved that:

there should be a comprehensive review of cycling access in the city centre, with a view to minimising cycling restrictions whilst maximising pedestrian and cycling safety.

The next critical stage is to ensure that the terms of that review give a fair hearing to all.

Clare Macrae