Camcycle Bulletin

This article was published in 1998, in Newsletter 21.

In October the Cycling Campaign produced the first of a new series of briefing sheets called Camcycle Bulletin. The Bulletin is aimed at ‘movers and shakers’ – people like Councillors, Council Officers, MPs, and also other campaign groups across the country who we haven’t so far been able to send our newsletter to. While this newsletter is distributed widely, we couldn’t, for example, afford to send it to every City, County and South Cambridgeshire councillor (there are around 150 of them). We also recognise that they would not all read it.

Bulletin.gif (15k)So the idea of a Bulletin is to provide a more focused campaigning tool, attractively presented and with specific requests for action. It will also give the target audience some background in what is going on in cycling policy nationally. We have been able to produce the first edition in colour, which we could not possibly afford to do (at the moment) for something the size of this newsletter. We aim to fit publication around the cycles of County Council committee meetings. This means three or four a year.

The first edition covered:

  • support for the city centre Core Traffic Scheme (see Round and about)
  • one-way streets (based on our recent position paper – see Newsletter 19)
  • the dual mini-roundabouts at the end of Trumpington Street (see Round and about); and
  • how cycling provision means much more than just cycleways, introducing the Hierarchy from Cycle Friendly Infrastructure.

We expect the next edition to include an item on slower speeds (see Slowing Down).

We aren’t proposing to send copies to all of you, though, I’m afraid. The cost of production would be just too high to send one to everybody, and we cover most of the same ground at more length in these pages. Copies are available, however, on the Saturday stall in the Market Square, and also as a PDF file on the Internet. If you particularly want a copy and you can’t get it from either of those places, just give us a call and we will send one to you. If you would like to contribute to producing the Bulletin, or indeed this newsletter, again please give us a call. The number is in Contacting the Campaign.

David Earl