Chair’s comment

This article was published in 2016, in Newsletter 125.

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What a busy couple of months we’ve had. Apart from the five cross-city City Deal consultations, we’ve had the Histon Road and Milton Road consultations, and the Chisholm Trail up for approval. Read the article inside for the latest on the Chisholm Trail.

Many of these schemes are being presented along with lovely pictures of ‘floating bus stops’. These work in other countries but being new here some people are against them. There are lots of reasons to keep building them, and inside is an excellent article that explains why they should be here to stay.

Further away, we have a report on Mini-Hollands, a scheme in London to try to apply some of the principles of Dutch urban design to improve the situation for walking and cycling. Enfield, Kingston and Waltham Forest all won lots of money to invest. So what have they achieved, and could they be applied to Cambridge? Of course, London criminals are also waking up to the increase in cycling, and we include a sober warning about ‘duct-tape’ bike racks. Perhaps what you need instead is a quick guided tour of London on a Brompton bicycle, part of the Design Museum special on bicycles.

At this time of year, with the cold and miserable weather hopefully turning warmer, perhaps you are thinking about going even further for a holiday. Well, what about Paris? They are in the middle of a cycling transformation. And part of that transformation are projects like Cyclofficine. It is a fantastic idea that I think could work in Cambridge.

We are also excited to start to introduce our new branding. Tom, one of the members of the subgroup that worked with an external design consultancy, introduces the reasons why we wanted a new visual identity and the story behind it. We hope that this work will be welcomed by everybody, especially as the concept chosen is so flexible and simple. The bit I really like is the idea of having rotating ‘hero-cycles’. Please tell us what types of cycle we should have icons for? Perhaps we need a recumbent, or a unicycle?

The Campaign exists to provide a voice for people who enjoy cycling, and would like their journeys to be easier, less stressful, and quieter. We are a volunteer-run organisation, so if you have some skills that you think we could use, and you have a couple of spare hours, do contact us and share your enthusiasm with like-minded locals. Not only will it be useful to everybody cycling today, but it might help those sitting in their cars blocking your way get onto bikes in the future.

Robin Heydon