Shared Use Policy

This article was published in 1997, in Newsletter 12.

We published a draft policy on shared-use footways in Newsletter 10, and asked for your comments. Thank you to everyone who responded. Nearly all the comments were positive, although see the letter from Kevin Jestice on page 9 and also the article on Barton Road. Some of you felt that shared use was inappropriate under any circumstances, but most were happy with the general thrust of not using it as the provision of first choice.

We held a meeting in mid May to review these comments, and have now revised the draft. The changes were mostly cosmetic, but we added a few more points, especially on schools, the impact of shared use on those who choose not to use it, obstruction by cars turning out of side roads, and problems with pram arms (pinch stiles).

The June general meeting will now be asked to adopt this formally as Cycling Campaign policy, in time for us to promote it during National Bike Week (assuming the meeting is happy to do so). If you want to make any further points and can’t attend that meeting, please do give me a call (see ‘Contacts’ on back page).

Dave Earl