Co-ordinator’s comment

This article was published in 2014, in Newsletter 117.

As I write, our AGM was only yesterday. We say good bye to David Earl, Simon Nuttall, James Woodburn and Klaas BrĂ¼mann. I would like to thank all of them for their time on the committee, although I’m sure some of them at least will continue to work for the Campaign in other ways. David and Simon have been with the Campaign since its early days, and have helped make it what it is today.

We have a new Chair in the form of an old face: Robin Heydon has become the strategic head of the Campaign. Martin Lucas-Smith is still with us, in the role of Liaison Officer.

We have some completely new faces on the committee as well. Sue Edwards has taken on the role of Membership Secretary, Tom McKeown is our Recruitment Officer and Michael Frearson Schools and Outreach Officer. We also welcome Richard Jennings and Oscar Hughes as general campaigners. Colin Rosenstiel moves from general campaigner into the role of Planning Officer, and Monica Frisch becomes a general campaigner.

We were very pleased to see a contested post, and an excess of candidates for the elections. Not only does this mean that the committee is back up to full strength, it is also healthy for the Campaign to have contested elections. Although there are vacant positions, there are extra general campaigners.

However, we are still without a Newsletter Editor, as no-one stood for the post. This is a very important role for the Campaign, as this newsletter is a primary means of communicating not only with members, but also with council officers and councillors. If you are interested in helping us with the newsletter in a non-committee role, please get in touch.

Both motions to the AGM passed without opposition.

Motion 1 on changing the membership subscription rates provoked some debate on risk to the Campaign in the event that donor funding for an employee could not be part-matched, but attendees were reassured that the risk was low and that the Campaign reserves could be used on this important step forward for the Campaign.

Motion 2 formally adopted Making Space For Cycling as embodying the principles and standards that we expect highways schemes and planning applications to meet for cycling infrastructure. This is the culmination of the work of the last few years and increasing calls, within and outside the Campaign, for high- quality cycle routes that encourage and enable cycling for all ages. However, even with a new committee, we can still use more help. Take a look at ‘Helping the Campaign’ next in this newsletter. And finally, thanks to everyone who turned out to the AGM. It was a very busy meeting with over 80 present. I would also like to thank our speaker, David Spiegelhalter, for an entertaining talk around the issue of how soon we are all going to die, on or off the bike.

Hester Wells

Please also see the item about help needed for the newsletter.