Newsletter recruitment

This article was published in 2014, in Newsletter 117.

Every two months the newsletter provides 16 or more pages of news, views and discussion points about what’s happening in Cambridge and further afield. Not only does the newsletter keep our members up to date, it is also an important campaigning tool, as we send full-colour paper copies to councillors and other decision-makers.

We’d like to encourage more members to help with the newsletter, and if you have been looking for a way to get more involved with the Campaign this could be for you!

Our most urgent need is for a Newsletter Co-ordinator, responsible for ensuring the newsletter appears on time every two months, assisted by the editorial team. The bulk of the work is in the three weeks before the newsletter goes to the printers. The Co-ordinator orchestrates the whole process, reminding people of deadlines, collating suggestions for articles, ensuring all is done in time to print.

We also need: local correspondents to write short pieces for each newsletter, possibly photo-based, about what is happening in their areas: photographers to take good-quality pictures to match articles: and someone to take responsibility for finding and keeping in touch with our advertisers.

Our newsletter’s quality and professionalism stands out amongst voluntary organisations and helps us get our message across. If you can spare a few hours every two months to help with the newsletter we’d love to hear from you.

Jim Chisholm