WAGN trains

This article was published in 1997, in Newsletter 11.

After the official, non-committal response from West Anglia Great Northern, which we published in issue 10, about spaces for bikes on the new rolling stock on the Kings Cross line, here’s the current low-down.

The new trains have not in fact got any space for bikes at present. Therefore the old policy of putting bikes in the doorways is continuing for the time being. The doorways are wider than on the old trains, so apart from being carpeted (fairly tough carpet, though) it is actually more convenient now.

However, a guard told me that there is a plan to remove seating in the area next to the toilet near the middle of the train to create space specifically for bikes. So they’re going to let the bikes spoil the carpet and then put them in a separate space? Duh!

We should be prepared to challenge any restrictions on numbers in the summer, given that they’ve let the previous situation continue by default.