Other schemes

This article was published in 1997, in Newsletter 11.

Cowley Road: We reported last time that the Cowley Road junction was to be reconstructed. Most of the suggestions we made have been adopted (see map in issue 10), except that cycles still pass the bus shelter, which was what sparked our interest in the first place.

Fulbourn: We still haven’t heard whether anything is likely to happen about a cycle track alongside the Tesco store now under construction between Fulbourn and Cherry Hinton. We are also still waiting to see details of changes at the Robin Hood traffic lights. This is dragging on rather, and the store is going up quickly in the meantime.

Barton Road: New consultation papers have gone out offering a ‘pick’n’mix’ approach to the proposals (see previous newsletters). We will know the result of this in a couple of weeks time.

Because the main decision has been deferred, some of this years money has been used to bring forward a later part of the scheme – the widening of the Mill Path from Lammas Land to Sweeney Todd’s (the bridges on Coe Fen cannot easily be widened, unfortunately). Construction is underway as we write. Also, traffic signals for the Barton Road-Grantchester Street junction are likely to be approved at Committee on March 20.

Barnwell Road: We have been consulted about some islands and slip lanes, and better access to the cycle track (Cambridge’s only cycle track). There was also a suggestion that some sorely needed resurfacing might be done. We did not get very excited either way about these proposals.

Airport Way, Teversham: As part of the reconstruction of the junction of Airport Way (from Cherry Hinton) with Newmarket Road, there is to be a cycle path constructed on the verge all the way along the airport perimeter to Cherry Hinton. So far, so good. But unfortunately it is very expensive, and we felt that the money could be better spent elsewhere. Also, it is a protected verge, and the Wildlife Trust had rightly objected to its destruction. The line of the path has therefore been moved slightly to reduce the impact. However, it was difficult for us to make our views known since we were only consulted way after all the decisions had been taken. A promise was made, however, that the awful state of the path between the tunnel under the A14 at Quy and the new junction would also be looked at; some of this is already planned for resurfacing.