Cycle Schemes

This article was published in 1997, in Newsletter 10.

Not much news on the liaison front this time, because of Christmas, and because illness prevented us having a discussion about the impact of the new Tesco at Fulbourn in December. Just a few things to report:

The shared-use path between Toft and Comberton has opened. I haven’t cycled along it yet, so can’t comment on its quality. This has been long in the making, and planning for it pre-dates the Cycling Campaign. Would anyone who lives in the area like to give an opinion? Consultation by the University about proposals for West Cambridge is about to start as we go to press. More on this in due course.

Ian Miller and I had a productive meeting in January about proposals for Cowley Road. Previous proposals to do the ubiquitous shared-use solution have been amended to provide a better crossing of Cowley Road and a segregated and much wider path. It also makes provision for a forward stop line at the traffic signals on Milton Road where Cowley Road joins it, in order to mitigate the effect of a left turn slip lane into Cowley Road. In a sense this is an opportunistic small development paid for by development nearby in conjunction with minor realignment of Cowley Road. The cycling scheme anticipates a bridge over the A14 for which there is no funding as yet. However, the most likely way in which a bridge would come about is by planning-gain from a new shopping, leisure and housing development on Chesterton Sidings and the sewage works, in which case the whole traffic flow in the area would have to be radically rethought.

Ian and I made some suggestions for further improvements, especially on the adjacent road rather than specifically on the cycling proposals which we felt would not be widely used at present.

Map of Cowley Road changes (17k)

Finally, the traffic signals scheme to replace the Lensfield Road / Fen Causeway mini-roundabouts about which we wrote previously has been given the go-ahead by the County Council, though it is still to be discussed by the Cambridge Traffic Management Joint Sub-Committee. The Council also resolved to discuss with us in more detail what could be done to mitigate the effects of prohibiting the right-turn into Brookside which the scheme requires to make phasing of the lights possible.

Incidentally, at its January meeting the Cycling Campaign decided that it would spend some money to ensure that we are sent the relevant committee agendas and minutes on a regular basis. This should allow us to be more responsive. Of course, if they were on the Internet we could get at them without the expense of postage and copying for which the Council charge – councillors out there please note!

Dave Earl