700 new cycle parking spaces for the city centre

This article was published in 2013, in Newsletter 107.

In Newsletter 101 we set a challenge to develop a new cycle park for Cambridge city centre. Both existing cycle parks are now full to overflowing at busy times, along with, of course, all the street parking.

We applaud Cambridge City Council for taking on this challenge with gusto. At its meeting in mid March, the council followed up on a report it commissioned last year to seek both more street parking and a new cycle park. It has allocated a budget of £500,000 for this and aims to provide about 710 new street spaces this year, distributed widely around the centre. Some of these may actually be in the street, if they can be agreed.

A full feasibility study into a new cycle park will also be conducted starting now. A board has been established to oversee this, and we have been invited to join it.

The full report to the council which sets out all the locations with photos and maps is available at www.camcycle.org.uk/jumpto/nl107pkng

Together with the planned cycle park at the station, this is very good news indeed for existing cyclists, but more than that these schemes have the potential to generate many more cycling journeys that are not made currently because of the difficulty of parking.

In a separate development, Park Street car park, which also houses Cambridge’s first cycle park, is likely to be replaced before long. The future of the cycle park is not clear at this stage.

David Earl