Forthcoming consultations

This article was published in 2012, in Newsletter 105.

We’ve had advance information about some schemes, a couple of which will almost certainly go out for consultation before our next Newsletter.

Firstly, an update to the Hyde Park Corner (Catholic Church) junction is proposed. The signalling equipment has come to the end of its useful life, and there may be the opportunity to use some government funding to improve the junction for those on bikes. It is proposed to remove the central reservation to gain a little extra width and provide advanced stop boxes for cycles on all approaches. As a campaign we would like a more radical approach, but it may not be possible to significantly reduce the capacity for motor vehicles without creating problems elsewhere. This is an ideal location for an ‘advanced green’ for cycles (Newsletter 103), but the bureaucracy associated with a ‘non-approved’ system may mean we will need to wait for such facilities to be generally approved. We’ve been assured that retro-fitting such extra signal heads will not be difficult as extra cables will be installed.

Secondly, we have heard that proposals to open some more one-way streets to two-way cycling should be available for consultation during December or January. We hope that the undoubted success of the trials last year will make these changes relatively uncontroversial, and that more will follow.

Finally, you may have seen that the city council has appointed an officer to work on 20mph limits for residential streets in Cambridge. Ben Bishop is a local lad who has had experience of working in London boroughs and recently moved back to Cambridge. We look forward to supporting Ben, but it is important that Cambridge Cycling Campaign members work with local residents’ associations and community groups to counter those who believe such schemes have no benefit, or mistakenly believe that such schemes require road humps, and lead to more noise, pollution and extended journey times.

Jim Chisholm