Join the Campaign for a host of cycle discounts

This article was published in 2012, in Newsletter 104.

As some members have recently reported, joining Cambridge Cycling Campaign can pay for itself, as members are entitled to discounts at some cycle shops in the area. There’s a list on our website ( – let us know of any additions or corrections to it. Please also tell us if shops refuse to offer a discount.

David G reports: ‘I recently used my card in Cambridge Blue cycles on Chesterton Road to buy some tools. Occasionally use it in Howes for parts. 10% discount is usual, so recent savings add up to £5.’

Paul T says: ‘I bought a new bottom bracket in Ben Hayward last week, cost £22.00, and 10% discount (even though I did not have my card – they keep your details on the till) so saved £2.20. I can’t remember the prices, but I bought a pump, tyres and waterproofs last year, so I have easily paid for my family membership with discounts.’

Heather C also says: ‘The average amount I save per year suggests that even if the membership fee was doubled I’d save money. 10% off new lock in Ben Hayward. Oh, and off lock carrier. Have had discount in Station Cycles on sundries too. New bike three years ago from Cambridge Cycle Co in Shelford.’

Please report your membership card savings to with a picture of you or your bike for possible inclusion in our next newsletter. There will be a £20 photo print voucher from FotoInsight for the most interesting report.

Monica Frisch