The Chisholm Trail: step by step

This article was published in 2012, in Newsletter 102.

The ‘Chisholm Trail’ would be a premier cycling route in Cambridge running north to south, following much of the railway line.
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The Science Park station is progressing and should greatly benefit people who live or work in the north of Cambridge. The new station should also relieve the congested area around the central train station of a large number of car journeys. Cambridgeshire County Council presented outline plans for the new station on 22 March, receiving much input from local residents. As the newsletter went to press, it was discussed again on 17 May as part of the Northern Corridor Area Transport Plan.

The County Council has not set a date for the completion of the Chisholm Trail. Rather, it seems to be considered as a project to be completed as elements become available for implementation. But the benefits of a ‘cycle and pedestrian bridge along the alignment of the rail corridor, possibly cantilevered from the existing rail bridge or possibly an independent structure’ [North Area Committee Agenda] seem to be well understood at the council. This so-called Chesterton Cycle Bridge could cost up to £1,500,000, subject to further study, and would be a key and probably the most expensive element of the Chisholm Trail. It would connect with ramps down to Fen Road near the level crossing and the National Cycle Network on the Jubilee path. This bridge would bring the Science Park station within walking distance for people in Fen Ditton.

Cambridgeshire’s cycling czar on the Chisholm Trail

Cambridgeshire’s new Cycling Champion, Councillor Martin Curtis, has viewed the Chisholm Trail from a bike. The trail minimises its impact by going alongside the railway line, as an alternative to walking or cycling across Stourbridge Common and the busy Green Dragon Bridge. The new developments will also provide a safe route for residents from the north of Cambridge to reach the area between Newmarket Road and Addenbrooke’s and will take many cycle commuters to the Science Park away from Water Lane and Green End Road.

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The northern bridge on Newmarket Road has spare arches; the southern one would require drilling.
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The trail may have to go around the ramblers’ bridge on Stourbridge Common.
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The Campaign will work hard to ensure that the Chisholm Trail is easily accessible, despite some difficulties, as much of the Trail goes on Network Rail land and some of it through little-known industrial estates. To view the Cyclestreets image gallery of the areas and find out more about the Trail, visit Here you can also follow the railway track from Milton Road to Cambridge Station click by click, showing each image with its location on a map or aerial picture.

Access from Moss Bank (houses, above) could link the trail with the new station.
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Klaas Brümann