Bikes for business: Give a cargo bike a try!

This article was published in 2022, in Magazine 154.

Many businesses in Cambridge find their cargo bikes are of great benefit. James from Thorne Wines uses his to deliver products to city-centre restaurants in the middle of the day when access for cars and vans is heavily restricted.

Steve from furniture renovator BeSpoke Cambridge cycles for environmental reasons and loves travelling through the city’s green spaces. He thinks that Cambridge is the perfect place for a bike-based business as it is flat and has good cycling infrastructure. He adds that commuting by cargo bike makes parking in the city easy and he finds that his bike acts as a great form of advertising.

Other local companies partner with cycle logistics company Zedify. Camilla from The Cambridge Cheese Company considers sustainability to be at the heart of her business approach. She buys her products from ethical and principled suppliers who are striving to reduce their environmental footprints, then partners with Zedify for zero-emissions deliveries by cargo bike. Neil from The Cambridge Fruit Company finds that it makes good business sense to use Zedify for some deliveries, as his drivers are finding it more challenging week by week to deliver into the city centre by van due to the congestion and the fact it’s very difficult to park.

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