Campaign update: Spaces to Breathe

This article was published in 2022, in Magazine 154.

Camcycle believes that people in the Cambridge region need spaces to breathe to allow them to stay safe, happy and healthy. This campaign works to achieve more safe space for cycling and walking during the coronavirus pandemic and beyond, so that more people feel able to choose active travel for everyday journeys, or spend time outdoors in the places where they live. Find out more at

Mill Road review begins: have your say

People walking, cycling and enjoying a cafe on Mill Road‘What do you want from Mill Road?’ This is the question the Greater Cambridge Partnership is asking local people as it begins the new consultation on the future of the street. The engagement period includes an online survey, two five-hour workshops and four open public meetings (two online and two in-person).

Camcycle’s position is that motor traffic on Mill Road needs to be substantially reduced and that this is best achieved through a modal filter to prevent through motor-traffic while allowing cycling and walking journeys the full length of the road. It should be possible to exempt some motor vehicles such as those required for time-critical deliveries or to transport disabled people. If you support our vision and ideas, we recommend supporting Theme 2 (Improve the quality of the place) and Theme 3 (Changes to traffic and access in the medium and longer term) in the survey and making it clear in the comments that both themes should be implemented (not one or the other). Theme 1 (Status Quo) is a vote for worsening congestion and pollution.

Respond to the consultation by midday on Monday 21 March and find out more about the project and public meetings on the GCP’s consultation website.