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Action marker: orange asterisk indicate outstanding actions.

Next event: Teleconference Friday 2nd May at 10 am

Out of date

Please note the rest of this page is no longer maintained.

It will be removed – but is retained for reference for the time being.

Poster competition

Action marker: orange asterisk Devise voting system. Set deadline for submission. Get expected costings for producing the posters. Identify who is going to print them out and ferry them from the printers to the conference. More clarity over what the prizes actually are.

Booking details

Date Saturday 10th May 2008
Title Creating a Cycling Culture
Organiser Cambridge Cycling Campaign
Conference home page

‘Creating a Cycling Culture’ – CCN/CTC Spring 2008 Campaigns Conference

On-line booking fee £16
Postal booking fee £16
Postal address for bookings Cambridge Cycling Campaign
PO Box 204
Cheques payable to Cambridge Cycling Campaign
Pay Pal account name (e-mail address)
E-mail for conference/booking enquiries Link to (do not publish the campaign’s email address)
Organiser’s logo (approx 100 pixels wide) Cambridge Cycling Campaign logo
Action marker: orange asteriskThe following are optional items that we must decide whether to include on the booking form:
Frday ride from 12:30pm
Friday evening social (not included in booking fee)
Friday evening social (not included in booking fee)
Sunday ride
Vegetarian food at conference All the food provided is a mix of both vegetarian and vegan.
Vegan food at conference
Friday night accommodation with local cyclists (subject to availability)
Saturday night accommodation with local cyclists (subject to availability)
Please indicate if you want to hire a bike on the Saturday for travelling from the railway station to the venue. (Cost £10).
Your name (as you would like it to appear on your conference badge)
Organisation you are representing (as you would like it to appear on your conference badge)

Action marker: orange asterisk Actions and News

Rob Fuller
Ask Sarah ??? to facilitate, ??? to host breakout session
Determing whether CCoC will cover some of the catering costs.
Find out about public transport to the venue
MLS suggests: Has thought been given to which local Councillors and Officers should be invited? Perhaps Jim and others could draw up a shortlist to approve. They will then need to be written to ASAP. Bear in mind that this year’s City Council elections will be held on 1 May 2008.
approach Cambridge Station Cycles to pre-book numbers of bikes
Jim, Simon
Delegate responsibilities for Rides, Booking and Accommodation to conference helpers. [Feb ubpdate: Bev has joined the list, and offers of accommodation are coming in.]
Agree budget with Campaign treasurer to cover costs.
Get fellow committee and membership more fired up about this conference. We could even make a profit if we have e.g. nice Tee shirts / DVDs / Slap Wraps ! There must be talented media / facilitators among the membership
Action: need to find volunteer helpers to serve cups of tea etc – can be given free places at the event.
Has requested all those who have so far offered accommodation to fill in the details using the booking form, and as at 7 March there are seven offers on the spreadsheet.

Those involved:

CCyC Cambridge Cycling Campaign
CCN Cycle Campaign Network
CTC Cyclists' Touring Club
CCiC - Cambridge City Council
CCoC - Cambridgeshire County Council

JC - Jim Chisholm CCyC
AC - Adam Coffman CTC
&C - André Curtis CCN
RF - Rob Fuller CTC
RG - Roger Geffen CTC
MLS - Martin Lucas-Smith CCyC
SM - Simone Makepeace CTC
Bev - Bev Nicolson
SN - Simon Nuttall CCyC
DR - Debra Rolfe CTC


Merchandise – Some tee shirt stock left?, DVDs, Camcycle 2020 brochure, Cycle Maps, Newsletters

Theme Rationale

(I don’t think I’ve quite captured all of our debate here – comments please.)

  • Cambridge has levels of cycling most akin to the Netherlands and Denmark – surely it must be great place to be a cyclist?
  • Cycling is a Party Political issue in Cambridge
    • Lifting the ban on cycling in the centre of Cambridge
    • Two-way cycling in one-way streets
    • Legalising safe maneouvres
    • Cycle parking
    • Cycling is a normal activity here – for transport, for work, for leisure
  • Spread the story of the success of the Cambridge campaign to national audience

Catering Costs

Action marker: orange asterisk NOTE: these costs are out of date, awaiting revised spreadsheet from Jim.

Mouth Music Caterers

Organic vegetarian food supplier:

We can do menu 2 for £7.00 per head for over 100 people and for £6.85 per
head for over 200 people.
We can do menu 3 for £7.75 per head for over 100 people and for £7.60 per
head for over 200 people.

We will be able to supply you with drinks and an urn.  If you have
volunteers available and want to keep costs down, it would make sense for
you serve the drinks yourself.  If we need to staff it, we'd need to
charge in the region of £1.50 per head for each session of teas
and coffees.  Otherwise, we can just charge you for the supplies which
will be significantly cheaper.

Food is supplied in such a way as to be easily self served, so we just
deliver and set it up, and come back later to pick up the empty crockery.

                                         Option A   Option B

Menu 2 for 200         £6.85 x 200 =         1370

Menu 3 for 200         £7.75 x 200 =                    1550

Hot drinks                                     ???       ???

                                              ====      ====
             NOTE: These prices do not include VAT.

Departmental Caterers

Tea, Coffee or fruit juice with biscuits 

One cup per person (china cups)

Sandwich Lunch

Assorted Sandwiches (This is the preferred option.)
With Salad Garnish and bowls of crisps. 
Served with a bowl of fresh fruit (Apples, Bananas, Pears and Oranges)
Water and Orange Juice
£6.50 per Head 
Hot drinks in paper add £1.00 per person
Hot drinks in china add £1.25 per person

Simon’s Note:For one lot of tea (at the start), and one lot of lunch, using china I make this for 200 people totalling…

                                         Option A
Welcome Tea / Coffee
                 1.75 x 200 =  350            350

followed by

Sandwich Lunch   6.50 x 200 = 1300
Hot Drinks       1.25 x 200 =  250
                              1550           1550  

Afternoon Tea?
Hot Drinks       1.75 x 200 =  350            350



This table summarises some of the anticipated costs, note: there is still a lot of uncertainty here. In particular we don’t know if we’ll have to hire Friday night or Saturday night venues.

Friday Venue
Room hire                      250 ?

Main Venue
Main Hall and Lecture theatre  500
Breakout rooms                 200 ?

Catering                      2250

Conference Dinner
Room hire                      250 ?

Other Costs
Poster production              500

TOTAL                         3700


Delegate fees  200 x 16       3200
CTC Contribution               500
CCoC Contribution              500

Surplus / (Deficit)            500