‘Creating a Cycling Culture’ – CCN/CTC Spring 2008 Campaigns Conference

CCN/CTC Cambridge Cycling Conference Spring 2008 Logo

Cambridge, Saturday 10th May, with additional optional events on Friday 9th and Sunday 11th

Hybrid cycle lane

Cambridge Cycling Campaign is hosting the Cycle Campaign Network and CTC’s
Spring Conference 2008.

Creating a Cycling Culture

– How do we respond to the challenges of the future?

Date: Saturday 10th May 2008.
Location: Centre for Mathematical Sciences, Cambridge

Why we are holding this conference

Cambridge enjoys by far the highest rate of cycling of any city in the UK. Over 25% of journeys to work are on bicycles. It is already a great place to ride a bike – but why then is there such a strong, active and successful campaign in the city fighting to improve conditions? And what can we do to make other cities get similar levels of cycling?

The conference will be opened by David Howarth, Cambridge’s MP, who was instrumental in getting the changes to the highway code to be much less damaging than they were going to be.

Matt Seaton, best known for his writings on Cycling in the Guardian newspaper will give the keynote speech, entitled “Changing the Culture of Cycling”.

Martin Lucas-Smith, co-ordinator of Cambridge Cycling Campaign, will launch the campaign’s 2020 vision for the future of cycling in the city. Based on the campaign’s own lessons learned from engaging in the local political process and from observing best practice in the UK and abroad, this vision sets out achievable but challenging plans to deliver an attractive cycling infrastructure. All delegates will receive a copy of the 36 page colour brochure. Much of the material will be of practical use to people outside Cambridge.

Tom Bogdanowicz of the London Cycling Campaign will report from the London perspective – a city which is going through its own cycling renaissance. He will talk about the opportunities ahead for city cycling including impact of the Olympics.

Philip Darnton – the inspirational chair of Cycling England, will talk about how his organisation, which has seen its government grant triple to £140 million is using the money to get more people cycling using Bikeability and Cycling Demonstration Towns.

The conference is rounded off with practical workshop skill sessions. Simon Nuttall and Martin Lucas-Smith will demonstrate their photo-mapping system, which has proved to be such an effective tool in local campaigning. Bring your own photos of cycling provision, good or bad to add to the photomap site.

The other sessions will cover Marketing, Media and Recruitment and will be facilitated by professionals working in the field or campaigners with a record of success.

There are social rides and events from Friday 9th May through to Sunday 11th May.