Planning Chart for Bike Week 2002

The headings below summarise the planning for bike week this year. I shall try to keep this document up to date from the info sent to me from time to time.
[ ] means an action usually by someone and with a date, [=] means completed action and finally [x] means cancelled action. Most completed actions will be removed.

(Last updated: Thursday, 06 June 2002 by Estheranna)

[ ] Evaluation form being typed by CM, passed on to Sue Smith an CR, finalized and printed by SN


All events have been registered events with Bike Week – see (they aren’t on the list as at 16th May.)

Exhibition in the Sustainability Room
Banner goes up.

15 Doctor Bike, The Three Rides (to Children's' Festival)
16 Try-out Show
17 Movie
19 Breakfast
20 Picnic Ride 6pm
23 Countryside Ride

Leaflet (Simon)

[=] 7,500 distributed by City Council
[=] Myra has done bike shops.
[=] 130 posters and leaflets given to Martin to bedistributed by University Environmental Assistants
[=] Hobbs and Arts cinema have posters and leaflets
[ ] rest of Distribution list needs dealing with: Lisa: Bob Barnes
[ ] SN email bicycle-links, poster to Bikeman & Arjuna
[ ] CR brings leaflets to Guildhall reception
[ ] SN will print black and white photocopies when need be


[=] Bike Week phone numbers – we need to change Camcycle A’phone msg and who it forwards to.

[ ] CM tells C4 about this: Phoenix PLC are still keen to do some promotion.

Funding: S. Cambs: £500 (publicity). City Council: £685 (print), £300 (distro), £400 (publicity), Cambs Constabulary £500 (Try-out show.)
[=] Simon – get a cheque for Try-out show from Work. – Handed to Clare Rankin 24th May.
[=] General Press release and Hi Res Photos send to Clare Rankin for forwarding to City / County PR dept.
[=] SN and Sam see with Company of Cyclists about promotion interview
– SN talked to Tom Riley of Comp of Cyclists, they will be able to do a ‘phone interview but won’t be in Cambridge until Sunday AM.
[=] SN has sent Nick Web Link of the Day text, and one example of each of our publicity.
[ ] CR distributes to schools
[=] CR contacts Q103 and gets the money there
[ ] Find photographer for all events. Nick asks for good pictures too:
Lisa asks Francesca for videoing and Donna for photo, SN contacts Dave about digital-camera-members help, CM asks Derek
[=] CR has done a Q103 Advert.

Strawberry Fair
'Caroline' left a phone message, offering us a stall in the Green area. 07930 481 934
EA has made contact, we do need a table and a roof.
[ ] SN laminates poster “find us in the green area” to hang on strawberry bike, which he’ll bring.
[ ] Lisa info to Paul Tonks about stall moving to Strawberry fair (just stuff, not table)
[ ] SN and Ea meet 2pm at stall on Market Sq., move to Strawberry Fair, Lisa comes from 4-5pm, takes things with her at 5.

Volunteers (Lisa)

[ ] Lisa contacts volunteers for poster distro help and other (try out, dr. bike) and gets times fixed with signed up volunteers
Still more volunteers needed for Try-out show
[ ] Lisa asks C4 to help doctoring and nursing and try-out showing please

Art Competition (Estheranna)

[ ] Lisa contacts all 4 that:
Winners will be announced at 2pm Try-out show, CM does presenting speach, Ea does envelopes
[ ] SN collects Ben Hayward Cycles Rob: 352294 to sponsor the Gold £200 voucher and to offer £100 voucher &
[ ] SN asks C4 about £15-voucher prize for #4, and buys it at Ben Hayward
[=] Drakes £30 prize, collected by Ea
Rules are now on the website:

Exhibition (Lisa)

Environment week is 7th – 16th June – 457046
There are some photos already. SN to add to website.
[ ] SN, Lisa, Jim and Ea reinstall (17.6.02, 10am) and take down/send back end of July. Tba. (not Ea)
[ ] SN notify Sue Woodsford ASAP that we want the CERC to display the exhibition till end of July.

Banner (Lisa)

[ ] Ea will hang and collect it.

Dr Bike (Lisa)

[ ] Lisa sends checklists and training notes to volunteers
[ ] Lisa asks Dave Earl to doctor too.
[ ] Late May Organise a timetable for the day that works for ctc and ccc including when van arrives and leaves, and which slot each volunteer is doing.

[ ] Early June Print the Dr. Bike Checklists – 60 should be plenty

[ ] Saturday 15th June 2002 Collect Permit from Pedestrian Zone office before 0930 Vehicle details: F819POY and is a blue VW transporter campervan.

[ ] Lisa (cakes) and Estheranna (rest) have kindly offered to provide some food. Note: the campaign will refund you!

[ ] SN to do Cycle Coding with – 2 specials

Ben Hayward Cycles, Trumpington Street is offering 10% discount on parts.
The Bike Shop, Arbury Court Cambridge is offering 10% discount on parts and
Labour, acessories and even a new bike. Call them on 316596, or Mr Farrow 07879 804191
Drakes, Hills Road offering 10% discount on parts and labour for Dr Bike
The Bikeman (Roddy) is to offer 5% discount on parts. (Phone: 07850 814186). to bring bikes to tryout show and offer £100 voucher

The Three Rides (Clare Rankin)

Starts at 12 noon from:
1) Milton Rd (Golden Hind Pub) – Green End Rd- River path – Midsummer
Common – Jesus Green

2) Jubilee Route from Fen Ditton to Jesus Green

3) Cherry Hinton High St – Snakey Path or the Tins – Burnside – Marmora Rd
– Greville Rd – Bridge – Tenison Rd – Lyndewode Rd – Gresham Rd – Parker’s Piece – Clarendon Street – Midsummer Common – Jesus Green.

Try-Out show (Simon and Clare Macrae)

Funding: £ 2500 from City C., £500 from Cycle Theft Red. Project.
[=] SN to return form to council accepting the conditions of the money. (by 31 May)
Tom Riley (Company of Cyclists) Tel: 07968 201370 (mobile), 01904 778963 (work)
[=] SN emailed John Roebuck copy of the insurance details.
[=] Also bringing bikes are and John Jermy will bring wobble bikes
[ ] 4 Drakes bikes will be collected by SN, CM, Lisa and Ea 4pm, Friday 14.6. at Drakes , stored at police station, brought back Monday, 17.6., by Lisa, SN and Ea, meet 4pm at police station. This is fine with Drakes.
[=] SN to advise Jamil that this will be a busy day and how will he cope with all of us there?

[=] Liability covered by Bike-week insurance, says Nick Harvey 1.5.02
[=] SN to check with John Roebuck about cricket, and confirm when all clear. Abbey Pool 213352 put a note in their book I have faxed the Abbey Pool a message that if anyone books cricket on that day to be aware that we shall be there with our bikes.
[=] SN to contact Police about Parade (they will provide 4 special constables!)
[ ] SN to give Greg Kearney (457895) at Environmental Protection a mobile phone contact number.

Mini-Parade will happen early on Sunday, evtl. even on Saturday, SN is asking Tom Riley (CoC) about this. With photo at Cycle Parking and posters and leaflets inviting people to Parker’s Piece. Evtl. second mini-parade during day to attract more people, if possible and necessary.
[ ] SN to make posters (“Join us to P.P!”, “Try fancy bikes on P.P.”& breakfast & dr. bike…)
[ ] Need to get photographer for Park Street photo call.

Movie (Estheranna)

[ ] Ea checks with Rebekah about a few thanking, welcoming & promoting words before movie starts
[ ] SN brings leaflets with membership forms and puts them up for people to take

Breakfast (Simon)

Funding: SN will give £150 from Travelwise to Jamil (Tim Carter wants us to invoice them.)
[ ] Tim Carter to send us an Order
[ ] SN to reply with Invoice.
[ ] SN asks C4 for early cheque
[ ] SN might give the cheque to Jamil prior to bike-week
[ ] SN checks with Jamil that everything is running smoothly and mention Q103 coming
[ ] May Lisa to organize stall (contact Paul and contact Jamil for roof in case of rain)
[=] SN to ask Jim, if he can come to breakfast, dr. bike, try-out-show, exhibition dates
with van for cycle-parking (=Transport for cycle parking barriers?), info-boards
and shelter

[ ] May Sign up Restaurant volunteers for the day.
[=] May Organize leafleting and publicity- also BUMPF needs to be sent to Travel for
[=] May Make sure host venue gets publicity
[ ] Lisa does small special leaflets
[ ] SN calls Oliver to ask for help for:
[ ] SN, Oli, Lisa, Ea hand out leaflets on Tuesday, 18.6., meet at Hobbs 8am (Pizza Hut, Gonville place, Gresham Rd., Clarendon, Jesus Green bridge)

Picnic Ride (Estheranna)

All OK.

Big Sunday Ride

Starting from Hobbs Pavilion 10am

[ ] SN puts route on web & prints handout
[ ] SN and Ea lead
A ride of about 23 miles through the country-side. At a leisurely pace, with a stop at Fowlemere’s amazing nature reserve and the Newton Pub or the Granchester Orchard.
For bird watchers, snake detectives, social riders, lovers of the quiet, and everybody else!
Bring water and picnic.
Cambridge – Barton – Haslingfield – Chapel Hill offers a great view from the top and a wonderful downhill to – Barrington, a very lovely village with wide green lawns – Shepreth -walk through Fowlemere’s amazing nature reserve – Thriplow has a beautiful view from the church – Newton – Harston – Haslingfield – the Cantelupe Farm – Grantchester – Cambridge

[ ] CR. The £1000 ( will better be spent for car free day for example
[ ] To be brought to C4: Nick Harvey mentions the possibility to bid for the Transport Local Government Regions-Money. SN has application form.
[ ] After bike week: Thank and pay people
[ ] Next bike-week needs budget (min. £150)

Next meeting will be with the Social meeting at CB2 café 5-7 Norfolk Street at 7pm: celebrate, look back, look ahead.