National Bike Week 1996

National Bike Week 1996 logo

Photographs of various events

Here are photos of just some of the events we organised for National Bike Week 1996.

Sign of the Times – 4th June 1996

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This media event, showing just how much quicker it is to travel around Cambridge by bike than by car, got us prime coverage in a number of local papers.

Our First Birthday – 4th June 1996

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Cyclists’ Breakfast – Courtesy of Hobbs Pavilion Restaurant – 5th June 1996

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Hobbs Pavilion Restaurant generously provided free breakfasts for cyclists on National Bike-To-Work day this year. Over 120 people ate on Parkers’ Piece, in glorious sunshine.

Dr. Bike – Saturday 8th June 1996

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Our “Dr Bike” clinic in Bike Week was a great success. We looked at over 30 bikes in 8 hours, checking them for safety, and making minor repairs where possible.