Camcycle AGM 2021: Spaces to Breathe

The recording of this event is now online. Find out more on our blog and watch the AGM on our YouTube channel.

Melissa Bruntlett

We’re delighted to announce that cycling communications specialist and co-author of Building the Cycling City, Melissa Bruntlett is the guest speaker at our 2021 Annual General Meeting, which will be held online via Zoom at 2pm on Saturday 23 January 2021. Melissa will be speaking about the human benefits of creating Spaces to Breathe and curbing the growth of motor traffic which has been allowed to dominate our towns and cities over the past few decades. She’ll explain how, in addition to leading to safer journeys, low-car neighbourhoods improve mental health and wellbeing, independence and freedom for people of all ages and abilities.

The AGM will also include a review of our 25th anniversary year, a look forward to the months ahead, the election of our 2021 trustees and the presentation of our annual Camcycle awards.

More information about the 2021 AGM

What’s happening when?

Everyone registered for the online event will receive an email the day before it takes place. Included will be an online link to register attendance and join the Zoom meeting. The online meeting will begin at 2pm but you can register your attendance and join the meeting from 1pm. We begin with an introduction and formal AGM business, followed by a break at 3.30pm. Our guest speaker’s presentation will begin at 3.45pm, followed by a chance for questions, and the Camcycle awards will be presented at 4.45pm.

What happens at the formal part of a Camcycle AGM?

The AGM is a chance for members to have their say on the running of our charity, to vote trustees onto our board and to bring motions for discussion. This year, our elections will be conducted using the OpaVote online system. The process is broadly the same as with our previous paper-based ballots, but with an online voting form that you must access using a link sent to you via email. Only Camcycle members who have registered for the AGM can vote. Voting will open at 9am on Friday 22 January and close at 5pm on Saturday 23 January, at the end of the AGM.

Is there a motion for discussion this year?

Yes. The motion presented asks whether the Camcycle trustees should investigate converting the charity into a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO).

Currently Camcycle is a charity legally structured as an ‘unincorporated association’. Whilst this means less paperwork, it does mean that technically the Trustees could be personally liable if the charity were to become unable to pay any debts. The committee therefore wishes to research becoming a ‘Charitable Incorporated Organisation’.

The resolution for the 2021 AGM is:
That the Board of Trustees review the legal structure of the charity and consider whether incorporation should be pursued and, if this is agreed, to review the charity’s constitution.

A general meeting resolution would be needed to make actual change; this motion regarding a review of the options is being brought to the AGM in order to be both consultative and keep people informed. If Camcycle does convert to a CIO, it would be sensible to review our Constitution at the same time. There is no intention to change the charity’s aims or objectives, or indeed its status as a charitable organisation.

Why is the AGM being held online?

The current pandemic means that this is the safest way to hold our meeting. We have made this decision following examination of our constitution and advice from the Charity Commission and will host the event using Zoom. We hope to return to an in-person meeting in 2022, if it is safe to do so.