’10 in10′ National Cycle Network Celebrations: Sunday 11 September 2005

There is a photo of some of the cyclists forming ‘10,000’ on the Sustrans website.


Sustrans is celebrating ten years and 10,000 miles of National Cycle Network on Sunday 11th September with cycle rides to Cambridge and various activities on Jesus Green. (See also the article in Newsletter 61.)

Opening of the 10,000th mile

Sustrans, opens the 10,000th mile of the award-winning National Cycle Network. Heading the celebrations at the opening will be Nobel prize winner and the man who mapped the human genome Sir John Sulston (who is a Campaign member). He will be joined by over one hundred cyclists who have ridden up from London.

The opening will be at 1.00pm Sunday 11 September, at the end of Chaston Road, Great Shelford, Cambridge CB2 5AS.

The group will then ride on to Jesus Green to join the riders from other routes.

Cycle rides and celebration on Jesus Green

We ask members to do one or more of three things:

Volunteer to help staff our stall

We hope to staff the stall from 09:30 in the morning until 18:00. We hope that the ‘Bridge the Gap’ walk in the morning will see many people visit the stall for information, help, or perhaps to join the Campaign.

There may also be other ways that help is needed in setting up and supervising a cycle park, giving out leaflets, etc.

Just come and welcome the riders

They have come from as far as London, Oxford, Wells-next-the-Sea, and Ipswich as trailblazers along the four new NCN routes into Cambridge. See the full map below.

Join the riders on final leg of their routes into Cambridge.

We now also have now details of the ‘break’ stops near to Cambridge and all are welcome to join them at any point.

London to Cambridge (NCN Route 11)

  • Stapleford (The Rose PH) 12:45-13:18

(It is expected that the ‘10,000th’ mile will be opened somewhere on the route from here to Cambridge.)

Oxford to Cambridge (NCN Route 51)

  • Houghton Mill (NT Cafe) 11:00-11:30
  • Oakington (White Horse PH) 12:59-13:38

Wells to Cambridge (NCN Route 11)

  • Wicken Fen (NT Cafe) 10:00-10:58

(The group will divide here, with the majority going via Burwell & Bottisham to Jesus Green. A small group will Trailblaze the proposed NCR11 via Upware & Waterbeach, to Clayhithe).

  • Clayhythe (Bridge PH) 12:19-12:59

(This route will go along the towpath to Milton and then via Milton cycle bridge as there is a rowing regatta on the Cam.)

Ipswich to Cambridge (NCN Route 51)

  • Reach (The Dykes Head) 12:20-12:50

All these cyclists are due in to Jesus Green between 14:00 and 14:30 so if you can’t make the last pub stop please do a bit of interpolation and meet the merry band en route for Jesus Green.

Route map

Please phone Sustrans on 07876 777 558 for more information on the cycle rides into Cambridge, or contact us if you require any further information.