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Question 7 - we asked:

There have been very few improvements for cyclists in Peterborough in recent years, and much of the existing cycle network dating from the 60s and 70s is falling apart. What will you do to change this?

We asked this question in all 18 wards, namely: Bretton, Central, Dogsthorpe, East, Eye, Thorney & Newborough, Fletton & Stanground, Fletton & Woodston, Gunthorpe, Hampton Vale, Hargate & Hempsted, North, Orton Longueville, Orton Waterville, Park, Paston & Walton, Ravensthorpe, Stanground South, Werrington.

14 of the 75 candidates (19%) who were asked this question responded as below.

Those candidate(s) which were elected are highlighted.

(Conservative Party)

We need to update and extend this as soon as finances allow

(Conservative Party)

I'm a regular cyclist and cycle 2 to 3 times a week both alone and with groups. I was particularly disappointed that the Cycle West planning application was refused and will do all I can to work with the forum to ensure this scheme goes ahead. Within my ward one of the key issues is the condition of cycleways both in terms of the surface condition but also the markings, way finding and lighting. Ensuring cycle routes are safe and accessible should be a top priority for the Council.

Robert PETCH
(Freedom Alliance)

I would like to see all the outlying villages connected to the Peterborough cycle network, and will offer up this proposal to the rest of the councillors. With regards to current cycle network, I'd like to check that the Council currently as an active maintenance plan for those, and if not, why not.

(Green Party)

Cllr Day is the Green representative on the walking and cycling group so she is dealing with this. She is up for re-election in 2023. When it comes to citywide issues, my focus is equality, disability rights, women's rights, anti-bullying, anti-social use of cars, while Cllr Day focuses on cycling and walking and as chair on the council's group I trust her to take the lead on these issues. So my answers reflect this. We're lucky to have Cllr Day on our team as she is one of the strongest advocates for cycling in the city. But I do agree that the green wheel is not maintained to the standard that it should be, signage and maps are pretty non-existent, and the car is king in Peterborough.

(Green Party)

We are fortunate that Green Party councillor Nicola Day has recently been appointed chair of the Walking & Cycling Group on Peterborough City Council as she is a strong advocate for improved provision across the city. Maintenance of the existing network must be a priority, whilst lobbying for access to funds that will allow improvements and extension.

(Green Party)

The painted lines purporting to provide a cycle lane break at junctions (eg upper section of Dogsthorpe Road) and reduce to about a foot from the pavement (same stretch of road). Where lanes fail to meet current standards they should be removed altogether. I have seen a beautiful cycle route design for a genuinely safe cycle route along Fulbridge Road, St Pauls Road, Dogsthorpe Road and Park Road. I would support this if elected. It is worth doing because so many school students on this route deserve and would respond positively to a safe cycle route to school. (Kings, Queens Drive, TDA, All Saints and St Georges (school & pool). Nursery schools and care homes would also benefit.


The current cycle ways need to be swept more often and when it snows the ice cleared. Links need to be improved between cycle ways across roads. The council needs to switch from spending far too much on new roads and spend this money on cycle routes and think about pedestrians too. I do have some cycleways in the ward which could be much more popular if they were better maintained. I’ve been cycling in the area since the 1970s when I was a school pupil. I also advocate 20mph is plenty zone for the entire residential area which will make cycling safer and more enjoyable. There are a few measures where we need hard cycle routes rather than just a line painted on the road.

(Labour & Co-operative)

Have lossed cycle lane on Oundle Rd recently. Have protested

(Labour & Co-operative)

I am not sure what can be done because of the budget constraints.
As a cyclist that us the cycle path from Parnwell along to Dickens street is making sure that the cycle paths a clean. Nothing more frustrating when there is smashed glass resulting in punctures.

Andrew BOND
(Liberal Democrat)

I would push for Peterborough city council to realise the benefits from investing in our cycle networks and try and change attitudes in terms oh how we invest our finances

Christian HOGG
(Liberal Democrat)

Cycling has a poor priority with the council, despite the objective to put walking and cycling ahead of motorised transport. We need to apply more pressure on the administration to take cycling seriously and help reduce vehicle emissions in our urban areas.

Without a change in attitude to cycling I fear that it will never get the investment that it deserves.

Simon KAIL
(Liberal Democrat)

Some of the infrastructure is still very good particularly in Werrington although often cycle paths are shared with pedestrians which is not ideal. There are some key missing links in the infrstructure which forces cyclists onto busy roads or inadequate cycle lanes without any additional infrastructure. I would vote to support increased captal expenditure in these missing links and investment to improve safety where paths have shared use with pedestrians.

(Liberal Democrat)

Peterborough has a good cycling network in the new town areas but it is poorly connected to older areas such as the city centre. Much could be achieved by just adding in a few key links, such as a cycle lane along Thorpe Road and over the Crescent Bridge. The Conservatives took Government funds to put in a temporary cycle lane over Crescent Bridge and then ripped it out when the cash ran out. We need long term planning not this type of short term thinking.

(Liberal Democrat)

I will question the Council’s spending priorities, press and vote for more spending on cycling and walking. Peterborough City Council has all the right written policies to favour and promote “active travel” but for years has in fact done very little.
Peterborough Cycling Forum (I am a member) has tried for years to work on this in partnership with Council representatives, but with very little action from the Council. As a council member I will have the authority to make things happen.

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