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Question 6 - we asked:

Peterborough city centre is changing, with the Embankment, Fletton Quays, the Market, and Queensgate all developing – but there is still no legal cycle route through the heart of the city. What will you do to change this and help people of all ages and abilities travel safely across Peterborough?

We asked this question in all 18 wards, namely: Bretton, Central, Dogsthorpe, East, Eye, Thorney & Newborough, Fletton & Stanground, Fletton & Woodston, Gunthorpe, Hampton Vale, Hargate & Hempsted, North, Orton Longueville, Orton Waterville, Park, Paston & Walton, Ravensthorpe, Stanground South, Werrington.

14 of the 75 candidates (19%) who were asked this question responded as below.

Those candidate(s) which were elected are highlighted.

(Conservative Party)

There is a safe cycle route through the centre

(Conservative Party)

I strongly believe that until we de-prioritise cars in our public realm, the uptake of sustainable transport is going to be limited. Therefore I would begin by working with colleagues to see what schemes can be introduced to reduce the number of cars in our city centre through a variety of measure e.g. increased parking charges, park and ride, congestion charging. I'm fully in favour of more and better cycle routes but this cannot be at the expense of increased congestion which will be counter productive.

Robert PETCH
(Freedom Alliance)

Once again something I'd would raise with the Council, as people should be able to cycle legally and safely through the centre, as we should be encouraging more people to cycle. It's healthier for most and cuts down on congestion and pollution.

(Green Party)

See answer 1

(Green Party)

Cycle routes must be fully interconnected, and this seems especially important in central locations where we should expect to see the greatest number of cyclists, but where we also see the most road traffic.

22 years of Conservative leadership in the city have led to underinvestment, failure to use joined up thinking and look at the big picture, and infrastructure investment and planning happening in a piecemeal fashion that wastes money and resources.

(Green Party)

I have campaigned for years for Bridge Street to be open to cyclists at all times. There is no alternative route which makes any more sense.


It’s so obvious to promote cycling and make it safe we need a cycle route right through the centre of Peterborough I think Bridge Street would’ve worked if it had been done properly. So I will advocate that this is looked at again or something as near to it as possible.

(Labour & Co-operative)

Unaware of this. Will rise this with labour group and Green colleques

(Labour & Co-operative)

Work with Cycle groups and planners on how a safe cycle route can be provided in the city centre.

Andrew BOND
(Liberal Democrat)

I would like to see a change in how and where our money is invested. I would like to see our cycle routes expand in a way that goes hand in hand with development of our city centre.

Christian HOGG
(Liberal Democrat)

As the Lib Dem rep on the Walking and Cycling Working Group I was a keen supporter of the new cycle routes developed during the pandemic, specifically the one over the crescent bridge and wanted to see it extended further down Thorpe Road, this was a main recommendation of the group, but was rejected by the cabinet.

I feel that there are other routes into the city centre such as Park Road which could also be developed.

Simon KAIL
(Liberal Democrat)

Support a legal route clealy demarked and separated from pedestrians to ensure cyclists do not have to dismount in pedestrianised areas.

(Liberal Democrat)

People need to be able to make cross city journeys by cycle. We have large pedestrianised area in the city centre but cycling is prohibited on key routes and cyclists are often prosecuted by council enforcement officers. Balancing the interests of cyclists and pedestrians is a difficult one, particularly in busy areas such as Bridge Street, but the Council should develop a cycling plan for the city to address such issues.

(Liberal Democrat)

People’s journeys, riding a bicycle or walking, should be made more direct than journeys by motor vehicle. I will press for safe and direct walking and cycling routes to and through Peterborough’s city centre. Walking and cycling journeys can mix in mutual respect and safety providing they are provided with sufficient, traffic-free space.

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