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Question 2 - we asked:

National charity Cycling UK's manifesto for English elections includes the following asks:

1: Create safe space for cycling: put the delivery of a connected network of routes at the heart of transport and development plans;

2: Improve delivery: ensure schemes meet the government’s cycle design standards laid out in LTN 1/20 and the Gear Change policy;

3: Make neighbourhoods more attractive for cycling & people: for example, by making 20mph the default for residential and shopping streets, and increasing secure cycle parking;

4: Enable rural & urban communities to cycle: integrate cycling and walking with public transport, make cycle training available for all and improve access to local green space.

Will you support this manifesto? What policies would you champion in your area to increase levels of walking and cycling?

We asked this question in all 18 wards, namely: Bretton, Central, Dogsthorpe, East, Eye, Thorney & Newborough, Fletton & Stanground, Fletton & Woodston, Gunthorpe, Hampton Vale, Hargate & Hempsted, North, Orton Longueville, Orton Waterville, Park, Paston & Walton, Ravensthorpe, Stanground South, Werrington.

14 of the 75 candidates (19%) who were asked this question responded as below.

Those candidate(s) which were elected are highlighted.

(Conservative Party)

I would support all the issues of possible

(Conservative Party)

I fully support this manifesto. My focus would be on improving cycling infrastructure including better maintenance of cycle routes and surfaces, increased security, more secure and better cycle storage locations around the city.

Robert PETCH
(Freedom Alliance)

I would support most of the menifesto, but point 2 I would have to look into more deeply as I currently do not have the info on the mentioned policies.

(Green Party)

Yes, though again I refer you to answer 1, as Cllr Day is our champion on these issues. I have multiple sclerosis and don't drive or cycle, so Cllr Day takes the lead for us on this as she does both and understand the issues better than I ever could.

(Green Party)

Yes, I would support these measures, as previous answers have hopefully illustrated.

(Green Party)

I would support this manifesto. I think that to the north and to the west of Peterborough provision of connections is not too bad. And there is substantial cycling input to planning. I am much more concerned about connections eastward: I don't know a single cyclist who is happy to cycle along the A47, and there are not obvious alternative routes. I am staggered that the need to dual the A47 is pretty much taken for granted. I don't think any case has been made. While the need for a cycle route along it is not.


Certainly will and have been campaigning for these measures.

(Labour & Co-operative)

Yes. l would surrport these aims. However, my time and effort is going to older people suffering from loneness and isolation

(Labour & Co-operative)

I support the above.
Getting children to cycle to school with out being dropped of by Car.
The health benefits the environmental benefits just by doing this.
I would work with local schools and yourselves to encourage this but we also need to make it safe.

Andrew BOND
(Liberal Democrat)

I would certainly support the idea of 20mph speed limits. As well as improving the connectivity of cycle and pedestrian routes.

I also believe a change of attitude needs to happen when it comes to how we approach our transport routes. More priority needs to be given to meeting goals such as the government’s cycle design standards.

I would also like to see more support given to local schools to enable them to deliver good quality cycle proficiency courses so that future generations understand the potential and positives of cycling.

Christian HOGG
(Liberal Democrat)

Full support for this. Change has to come from the top, I would advocate strong representations to both PCC and the Combined Authority to much needed change in delivering a real and sustained program of improvement to our cycling infrastructure.

Simon KAIL
(Liberal Democrat)

Yes. I would support 20mph zones on residential areas and routes where safety of cyclists and pedestrians is a concern. I would promote use of the existing cycling infrastructure by improving awareness and signing of routes. I would encourage use of existing links to the Peterborough Green Wheel cyle network for leisure and exercise.

(Liberal Democrat)

Lib Dems in Peterborough have called for introduction of 20mph zones in residential areas where there is evidence of public support for them. I have already referred to the need for more connected cycle routes and integration of cycling with public transport is also a good idea. Further information on our views on cycling can be found in the Lib Dem local election manifesto for Peterborough at www.peterboroughlibdems.org.uk in the section on transport.

(Liberal Democrat)

I’m already aware of Cycling UK’s excellent manifesto, and will support every part of it in all parts of Peterborough if I am elected for Bretton.

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