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Question 1 - we asked:

A junction with the Busway at Hobson Avenue was recently created. Traffic lights have been installed that give priority to the very low-traffic Hobson Avenue over the Busway. The hundreds of people walking and cycling per hour along the Busway path are now expected to press a button and wait up to 30 seconds for a green man to cross a side road. This seems to us the wrong priority. Would you seek to rectify this situation, so that the priority is restored to walking, cycling and public transport on the Busway?

We asked this question:

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(Green Party)

In Cambridge the presumption is that walking and cycling are given priority in our urban areas. It is important that the experience of pedestrians and cyclists is a good one. In this instance I would seek to restore priority to walking, cycling and public transport on the Busway.

(Labour Party)

In an area where there seems to be a low amount of car traffic it would make sense to restore priority to alternative means of transport, but this would need to be backed up with metrics – not only would data help decide how to amend the Hobson Avenue junction, but it could inform future decisions about how to install similar junctions.

Data could be collected by community survey (digital and paper), along with measurements of journey type at the junction.

Barbara Anne ASHWOOD
(Liberal Democrat)

Hobson Avenue is low-traffic at the moment but this will change significantly when the GP surgery locates from the High Street to Hobson Square. Trumpington has the highest number of over 70's of any Ward in Cambridge and I expect traffic to increase considerably once older residents have much further to travel for an appointment. The Community Centre will also become busier as more people visit the area. Building is still taking place in the immediate vicinity of the Square which will add to the number of cars 'living' in the vicinity and needing to cross the Busway to exit the development.
I fully appreciate the importance of the Busway path and walk it regularly. I would want to survey traffic flows in a few months time then work with County Officers to improve the sequencing of the lights to better serve Busway users.

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