List of questions

Here is a list of all the questions (across all divisions) we have asked for this election:

  1. A junction with the Busway at Hobson Avenue was recently created. Traffic lights have been installed that give priority to the very low-traffic Hobson Avenue over the Busway. The hundreds of people walking and cycling per hour along the Busway path are now expected to press a button and wait up to 30 seconds for a green man to cross a side road. This seems to us the wrong priority. Would you seek to rectify this situation, so that the priority is restored to walking, cycling and public transport on the Busway?
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  2. What would you do to improve the Newtown area, which is currently difficult to cycle through because of the many one-way streets and short-cutting by some drivers? Would you support the development of a comprehensive plan to improve the area?
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