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Question 34 - we asked:

What would you do to improve the Newtown area, which is currently difficult to cycle in because of the many one-way streets and short-cutting by some drivers? Would you support the development of a comprehensive plan to improve the area?

We asked this question only in Trumpington.

4 of the 4 candidates (100%) who were asked this question responded as below.

Those candidate(s) which were elected are highlighted.

(Conservative Party)

Sheer congestion and traffic volume in this part of the city makes
getting around difficult. I would support an investigation in to how
this could be improved for cyclists.

(Green Party)

I would support the development of a comprehensive plan for Cycling and cycle parking in Newtown. Parking is problematic for residents and the narrow the streets make cycle use attractive. I would support the construction of German style parking facility for able bodied residents that is not necessarily directly next to the place residents live but close by. It would need to be an underground car park due to limited space this would free up more space for cyclists. Funding from monies such as 106 money from the large developments would be an appropriate use of this capital, current residents affected by the increase in population would benefit from the use of money in this way in areas where the planning and design was for bygone age. Two way cycling in Panton Street and Brookside would be helpful and allow better movement and more trees and islands of green space could be created with disabled parking and an increase in cycle parking.

(Labour Party)

Traffic in the Newtown area is particularly bad during school term time at rush hour. At other times of day and year, it is a relatively pleasant cycling environment. If elected, I would seek to work with private schools to make school drop-off a safer and more seamless experience for everyone.

(Liberal Democrat)

I would work with the North Newtown Residents Association, which is pushing for a plan for the area, including improved parking regulations to better control parents picking up children from school. Newtown is not well suited to cars, as the streets are narrow, and with some improvements would make an excellent bicycling area. But like many aspects of cycling, improvements to transport in Cambridge more broadly could help the local issues. As a Councillor, I would work with the LibDems to fulfill our manifesto pledge to transform the city’s public transport system. Our priority is to tackle congestion and allow more road space for cycling and walking.

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