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Question 11 - we asked:

How will you work with the GCP to improve walking and cycling proposals in their Histon Road scheme, in particular with regard to children cycling to school at the Mayfield Primary School, crossing Histon Road near Carisbrooke Road, and within the narrow section of road from Aldi south to the junction with Victoria Road?

We asked this question only in Arbury.

3 of the 4 candidates (75%) who were asked this question responded as below.

Those candidate(s) which were elected are highlighted.

(Green Party)

Arrange to cycle with the groups specified at peak travel times, to see problems at first hand.

Patrick SHEIL
(Labour Party)

Thankfully, segregated cycle lanes are a key element in the latest version of the Histon Road Scheme, soon to go before the board of the Great Cambridge Partnership.

Regarding the Borrowdale crossing, yes; thanks for asking. Crossing Histon Road always feels more difficult than it should, and for that reason, i think we should consult on the possibility of going from uncontrolled to controlled with Borrowdale (near Carisbrooke Road).

And as for that narrow section of road from Aldi to the end of Victoria, it should be 20 mph. I have always thought this. And i think it would apply even in a future where on-street parking down there had been reduced/scaled back.

(Liberal Democrat)

The Histon Road scheme was aimed at improving bus times along Histon Road, which always struck me as being rather a big ask as, whatever was done along the road, buses would continue to get held up at the junctions at the ends. The original proposals seemed to be more aimed at car drivers than anyone else ("hey look, they've put in a bus lane, which takes all those pesky buses out of my car lane, so I'll drive more often"): they certainly didn't look good for cyclists, or trees, or owners of front gardens, or people living along the several rat-runs that would have been created. After I and others, including the Histon Road Area Residents Association, made representations a number of the worst features of the original plans have been dropped, and the plan then spent some time on the "too difficult" pile making no visible progress. However it has recently been revived and we're awaiting the next set of "final" proposals: the feeling at the moment seems to be that the plans will end up delivering a small net benefit for cyclists, albeit at vast cost.

Personally I cycle along Histon Road most weeks and don't usually have any problems apart, of course, from the potholes - perhaps the GCP money could be better spent fixing the potholes on Histon Road, so that cyclist can have some attention to spare to watch the traffic?

Particularly in the narrow section from Victoria Road northwards motor traffic, in both directions, is in my experience usually well behaved towards cyclists, and indeed drivers are only too pleased when they can actually drive as fast as the cyclists! The only manoeuvre that I sometimes find difficult is turning right into the passageway through to Borrowdale, through traffic accelerating away from the Gilbert Road traffic lights. But that's a wide section of road that does already have a cycle lane, and it's not obvious that there's any sensible intervention that would be proportionate for the limited number of people making that turn.

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