Histon Road consultation response

We have released our consultation response to the Greater Cambridge City Deal Histon Road consultation. This consultation closes on Monday 15th February.

Our aim for Histon Road is for an attractive route for people of all ages, from 8 to 80, to safely cycle along. We believe that this will result in a step change in the number of people using the route, allowing many people to make a mode shift from car to bike.

We do not think that either of the proposals, as currently drafted, achieve this goal for people cycling. While we support the aim of improving the bus service, we believe that most of the improvement to bus services can be achieved without the provision of an inbound bus lane along the full length of the road, allowing for better cycling infrastructure and improved green space.

Key points:

  • A junction upgrade is needed at Kings Hedges Rd end. 40mph and multiple traffic lanes means it is essential to separate people on bikes from motor traffic movements. This end of the road is used by Orchard Park, Histon and Impington residents, and in future Darwin Green.
  • 1.5m cycleways are not wide enough at the northern end of Histon Rd: they should be 2.3m wide, except for short sections and pinch-points. 1.5m cycleways mean people are cycling too close to fast traffic, and it is impossible for parents to cycle next to children to keep an eye on and protect them from traffic. Speed limit should be reduced to 30mph. Cycleways should continue across side roads.
  • Gilbert Rd junction, as another major junction, needs phase separation of people cycling and motor traffic. This is especially important as this is the junction to access Mayfield School, so many children will be using this junction.
  • Aldi to Victoria Rd: we accept 1.5m advisory lanes on both sides due to limited width. Speed limit here should be 20mph to reflect increased risks to people cycling due to proximity to traffic.
  • We want better signage of alternatives routes to reflect the lack of scope for truly safe cycling on the southern end of Histon Rd. This is not an alternative to making Histon Rd safer than it is at the moment, but does provide options for those who feel unable to use it.
  • Victoria Road junction needs further improvement. We would like to know whether S106 funding from the Mount Pleasant development could be put towards this.

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