List of respondents

The following is an index to all candidates (36, out of 77 standing, i.e. 47%) who have submitted public responses. Click on the ward name to see them.

Response rates by affiliation (party) Response rate Responses Candidates
Conservative Party: 32% 6 19
Green Party: 53% 9 17
Independent: 0% 0 2
Labour Party: 47% 9 19
Liberal Democrat: 71% 10 14
UK Independence Party: 33% 2 6
Total: 47% 36 77

This list is ordered by ward and then surname.

The Abingtons [view responses]:

No candidate for The Abingtons has yet submitted a response.

Balsham [view responses]:

  • Ellie CRANE (Green Party)

Bar Hill [view responses]:

  • Clare DELDERFIELD (Liberal Democrat)
  • Roger HALL (Conservative Party)

Barton [view responses]:

  • Francis BURKITT (Conservative Party)

Bourn [view responses]:

  • Gavin CLAYTON (Labour Party)
  • Des O`BRIEN (Conservative Party)
  • Marcus PITCAITHLY (Green Party)

Comberton [view responses]:

  • Annette TATTERSALL (Liberal Democrat)

Cottenham [view responses]:

  • Colin COE (Green Party)
  • Richard GYMER (Liberal Democrat)

Duxford [view responses]:

  • Wendy BOHME (Green Party)
  • Peter YOUNG (Liberal Democrat)

Fowlmere & Foxton [view responses]:

  • Paul EVANS (Green Party)

Fulbourn [view responses]:

  • Rosie CHARROT (Labour Party)
  • Graham CONE (Conservative Party)
  • John RANKEN (Green Party)
  • Nancy WILLIAMS (Liberal Democrat)

Hardwick [view responses]:

  • Nigel ATKINSON (Liberal Democrat)
  • Grenville CHAMBERLAIN (Conservative Party)
  • Joe WEBSTER (UK Independence Party)

Histon & Impington [view responses]:

  • Aga CAHN (Labour Party)
  • Darren COTTERELL (Green Party)
  • Yemi MACAULAY (Liberal Democrat)

Milton [view responses]:

  • John WILSON (UK Independence Party)
  • Alison WOOD (Labour Party)

Orwell & Barrington [view responses]:

  • Ian SHARP (Conservative Party)
  • David SMITH (Green Party)
  • Aidan VAN DE WEYER (Liberal Democrat)

Papworth & Elsworth [view responses]:

  • Angela PATRICK (Labour Party)

Sawston [view responses]:

  • Mark TONER (Labour Party)

The Shelfords & Stapleford [view responses]:

  • Peter FANE (Liberal Democrat)
  • Mike NETTLETON (Labour Party)
  • Linda WHITEBREAD (Green Party)

Teversham [view responses]:

  • Elizabeth HERBERT (Labour Party)

Willingham & Over [view responses]:

  • Tom LEE (Liberal Democrat)
  • Ben MONKS (Labour Party)

Camcycle is a non-partisan body. All candidates are given an equal opportunity to submit their views. Information published by Camcycle (Cambridge Cycling Campaign), The Bike Depot, 140 Cowley Road, Cambridge, CB4 0DL.