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Question 3 - we asked:

What experience do you and your family have of cycling? Do you have any different concerns about younger or older family members cycling than you do yourself?

We asked this question in all 19 wards, namely: The Abingtons, Balsham, Bar Hill, Barton, Bourn, Comberton, Cottenham, Duxford, Fowlmere & Foxton, Fulbourn, Hardwick, Histon & Impington, Milton, Orwell & Barrington, Papworth & Elsworth, Sawston, The Shelfords & Stapleford, Teversham, Willingham & Over.

36 of the 77 candidates (47%) who were asked this question responded as below.

Those candidate(s) which were elected are highlighted.

(Conservative Party)

Lots, we regularly cycle from my home in Grantchester into Cambridge. Concerned by safety generally, applies to all generations (my mother was knocked off her bike and badly injured ........ by another cyclist, in King's Parade).

(Conservative Party)

My family and I have completed the London to Brighton bike ride on several occasions, I am taking part in Nightrider around London and a 60 mile tour of Essex this year for charity. During the summer months I commute from my home in Hardwick to my office in Milton by bike. Occasionally my wife and I go shopping in Cambourne by bike but this is dependent upon the weight of the expected purchases.

Graham CONE
(Conservative Party)

Both my partner and myself cycle about 6 miles a day to and from work. Although neither of us cycle for fun we both find there are many benefits to cycling to work each day such as reduced costs, health benefits, avoiding congestion, not having to fight for parking and wearing very fashionable yellow clothing. I tend to do a lot of my cycling on the road and I would worry about relatives who are not used to doing this as they would have limited options for cycle paths on the route that I take.

Roger HALL
(Conservative Party)

Riding thousands of miles in my younger days - to and from school and
leisure cycling - being a scout I was aware of the Highway Code, paying
particular attention to signalling, having lights, not overtaking vehicular
traffic on the inside.Unfortunately, many cyclists in Cambridge disregard
these. My son also cycled long distances, not only in the UK but also in

(Conservative Party)

I am a keen cyclist. I have in the past commuted in the summer months between Bourn and Cambridge. My daugher commuted to work on Madingley Road last summer. As a family we still cycle for pleasure and we all own bikes. My family are grown up now but when they were young I would have discouraged them from cycling to school because the road between Bourn and Comberton was too dangerous for bikes.

(Conservative Party)

I found commuting into Cambridge ( when I lived in Haslingfield ) to be a treacherous affair , whether you are young or old more cycle ways would help keep cyclists safer and also keep them off the road which can be a problem for drivers too

(Green Party)

I enjoy cycling but have never felt comfortable cycling where cars are travelling fast. One of the main issues for the Duxford area is the need to cross the A505 to access for instance, the Whittlesford train station. As someone with slight physical difficulties, that means I can be quite slow walking or setting off on my bike, the fact that it is often necessary to time very accurately a quick dash accross the road between fast moving vehicles can be quite daunting - and even more so in inclement weather or fog. I would threfore suggest the same improvements as outlined in question 3: alternative routes accross or under the A505 and cycle pedestrian ways along all routes in and out of the village, including linking up to surrounding towns and villages.

Colin COE
(Green Party)

Ridden a cycle since 1953, raced from 1959 until 1982. Ride now to keep fit. Partner might be encouraged to cycle if more dedicated space available. Ten minute car drive to Guide Bus Route which does offer safer cycling - although a shared space.

(Green Party)

I don't personally cycle very often. I'm not as young as I once was. I like to cycle up and down the guided busway occasionally for recreation on a warm summers Sunday afternoon. I would consider switching my commute from bus to bike, from Histon to Addenbrookes Hospital, if there were a fully off-road route for cyclists.

(Green Party)

I and my partner are regular cyclists, using our bikes for short distance trips (up to about 5 miles) into Cambridge and between villages. I do not have any children and my older family members do not cycle.

(Green Party)

Cycle most days to Meldreth railway station and occassionally to Cambridge.

(Green Party)

I seldom cycle myself and my experience has mostly been in quiet rural environments. However, a family member suffered a serious accident after being cut up by a driver who turned suddenly without warning (and did not stay on the scene).

I get the distinct impression that not enough training regarding maintaining the safety of cyclists is offered either to drivers or to cyclists themselves, and I would support an initiative to improve public education on this subject, and in particular school-age cycling and cycle safety training.

(Green Party)

At the age of 82 I have been a cyclist on and off throughout my life, especially in retirement. During the past 12 months I have not cycled a lot because of 2 operations in Addenbrooke's, but I have now returned to cycling in and around my own village of Girton.
My wife stopped cycling a few years ago because of deteriorating general health and fear of traffic etc. My son, daughter and 4 grandchildren are all cyclists, who I have in mind as I work as a green activist, trying to push forward appropriate responses to climate change

(Green Party)

All members of my family use cycles regularly, I even do most of the family's shopping by bike ! My children are safe and confident cyclists because I spent a lot of time teaching them in their early years. I found the right of way through Wimpole Hall grounds provided a traffic-free, safe, environment for training and would always encourage other parents to spend time with their children in such an area.

(Green Party)

I have cycled but am fairly inexperienced and somewhat nervous so I prefer to walk or use the bus when possible. I do have a car which I probably use too much. My husband hasn't cycled for many years. Both my (adult) daughters use a bike as their main means of transport (in Cambridge and in London) and keep trying to get me on my bike more! I plan to do so and I am going to be getting some help from experienced cyclists to improve my confidence and road skills.

(Labour Party)

We are working at home and live in close vicinity to our children's school and to shops so we do not have to cycle but when we lived in Cambridge I was not happy for my children to cycle along Histon Road so they had to use CitiBus 8 to travel to school every day.

(Labour Party)

I enjoy cycling for leisure, and for short journeys. My husband cycles into Cambridge regularly. We haven't got young children; if we did there are certain journeys that we'd probably regard as safe and others less so.

(Labour Party)

I cycle to work in Cambridge so have experience of the disjointed and poorly maintained cycle network that forces cyclists onto fast, busy roads at regular intervals.
My son cycles to school and I do worry as traffic increases and speeds can be too fast at times with drivers seeing the winding roads as some kind of speed challenge.
We do cycle to neighbouring villages north of A428, but the cycle routes are inadequate or non existent otherwise we may do more.
Cycling into Cambridge is much harder work than it needs to be and major infrastructure improvement would make it easier and encourage more people out of their cars.

Elizabeth HERBERT
(Labour Party)

My family is fortunate to live in an area with a safe cycle route to the near primary schools and when they were young my children could cycle to school. We use the roads as drivers, cyclists and pedestrians, though I'm not a confident cyclist the rest of the family enjoy cycling. To encourage more cycling, we should all, in whatever guise we are travelling, treat each other with consideration and care and try to emphathise with the other road user.

(Labour Party)

I cycle regularly and I often go out with my eldest son. I would be very reluctant for him to cycle unaccompanied when he's older on some of the roads in our area. I am concerned that the development of Northstowe may increase car traffic in our area unless road development to the North of Cambridge is prioritised.

(Labour Party)

I used to cycle regularly in both Cambridge and London (Peckham High Street-Old Kent Road- Bricklayers Arms-Great Dover Street-Southwark Bridge-Moorgate-Old Street. Highly recommended); I do less nowadays. My wife is a regular cyclist, as are both of my (grown up) children.
Plainly, there are additional issues for younger and older cyclists - lack of confidence, lower speed, les stability.

(Labour Party)

We all have cycles, but sadly the younger and older members do not go on the roads as they are not considered safe for cycling.
I like to cycle but these days I do it less and less.

(Labour Party)

My family regularly cycles, with my wife commuting to addenbrookes hospital by bike, and my son often cycling to School. I myself commute on occasion but not enough and am more of a family leisure cyclist. Again a main concern is the room for cyclists on the streets. The introduction of more dedicated marked cycle lanes and independent cycle routes and reducing "mixing" to a safe minimum would be a benefit to all. Again raised zebra crossings near schools would lead to a reduction in speed at these crossing points.

Alison WOOD
(Labour Party)

When I worked in Cambridge, I used to regularly cycle there from Histon, off the main road until the A14 roundabout and then along the main road. I later cycled to another job within the village. Once or twice I was cut-up by cars turning left into side roads barely a wheel in front of me. I am pleased that school pupils undertake Bikeability training. Having lost a younger cousin and later a village friend, both of whom were run over and killed by lorries whilst cycling on busy main roads, I think it's imperative that alleys and footpaths away from such routes are available for cyclists and pedestrians of all ages. Cyclists, pedestrians and scooter riders need to be visually and aurally aware of each other, so wearing music headphones whilst cycling or walking in public places should be avoided in order to cut down on collisions.

(Liberal Democrat)

Because of my disability I haven't cycled for many years, but have always supported my children to cycle, when and where it is safe.

(Liberal Democrat)

We do occasionally go cycling as a family, and having a dedicated cycle path, as there is between the Genome Campus and the Sawston roundabout, is really good.

Peter FANE
(Liberal Democrat)

I moved to Great Shelford largely so as to have access to sustainable transport options - after years of campaigning for safe cycle routes in the village I lived in previously. It is of enormous benefit to us as a family - and to residents of the Shelfords and Stapleford more generally - that we have our own railway station and the Helical path to Cambridge, as well as good (if variable) bus services.
This means I can take the train to London for business without the temptation to drive to the station; my children can cycle to school; and I can cycle to Cambridge on off-road routes. We will have to wait and see how the improvements to cycle provision on Hills Road works out, but this should also greatly improve the experience of residents cycling into Cambridge.
But there is a shortage of other safe cycling routes in the ward, particularly in Littel Shelford and Newton, and safe cycle routes need to be extended to Stapleford. There is only limited scope to do this by upgrading bridle ways and we need to secure funds from City Deal and other sources to improve cycle segregation on some

Richard GYMER
(Liberal Democrat)

I would think nothing of cycling 7 miles into work regularly, but these days I usually get a lift.

Other family members are not so keen on cycling so far, particularly as they have farther to go and the roads are not cycle-friendly. I have the impression that Sixth Form Colleges even now do not have enough cycle parking and can be a target for thieves.

(Liberal Democrat)

Our family are all keen cyclists and for me it’s a passion – I own several bikes, I’m a long-time member of the Cambridge Cycling Campaign, a member of British Cycling and I manage the web forum for the Cambridge Mountain Bikers. That said, my family all seem to clock-up more miles than me! As previously stated, my children both cycle the two miles to and from school every day and my wife commutes to Cambridge by bike most days, totalling around 100 miles a week. My job is now in Peterborough which makes cycling there a challenge, although I have done it!

I have less concerns than I used to about my children cycling as they are older and more experienced now and they have good lights. Also the roads here are relatively quiet. I have more concerns about my wife as she has to navigate the Cambridge traffic after the relatively benign conditions along the way via the Busway. In fact, the transition to the Cambridge streets after the Busway always concerns me whenever we ride into the city together as a family. The traffic is much heavier and some of the signing and road markings for cyclists is poor. (Adherence to road signs by some cyclists is poor too!)

(Liberal Democrat)

Occasionally I cycle to work and my children cycle to schools.

(Liberal Democrat)

The speed of traffic on rural roads is a common concern for all cyclists

(Liberal Democrat)

I commute by bike to Cambridge almost every day. My children have regularly cycled to school since they learned to ride. And we all make short journeys by bike where we can. Indeed, we just about manage with one car between us, borrowing another on occasion.

I can cope fairly well on all but the busiest roads, but I much prefer dedicated space for cycling. One of my children is pretty good on her own on the quieter roads around the village, but my other only goes accompanied. If there was proper space for cycling he would be fine.

(Liberal Democrat)

Growing up in Fulbourn, cycling has been a very practical and cost effective method of getting into town (particularly before the bus route was so quick and with rising fares) so my sisters and I are pretty experienced cycling around Cambridge and the surrounding area.

Our enthusiasm was helped by schemes at Fulbourn Primary School, including the Cycling Proficiency course and also British Cycling competitions, with the amazing support of local cyclists.

I also was fortunate to take part in an adult cycling course last summer in Cambridge. I thought there would not be much to learn having cycled most of my life, however I found that I was cycling far too close to the curb – make sure you take up the space you need!

These courses are great at boosting confidence on the road and I would recommend it for anyone that feels that they might be a bit shaky.

I think cycling advice is important, the information needs to get out there to make sure people remain safe.

Holding family events is a great way to get the whole family involved – events like the bike ride to Reach fair are a great way of doing this. Also competitions – the British Cycling one at school really got me and my sister engaged.

Also, a local cycling map for the area would be useful. I am aware that there are safer routes for cycling to key destinations like Bottisham Village College, but they are not so obvious - you have to go through Teversham to get there. This information is useful for those who want to cycle and it should be readily available.

(Liberal Democrat)

I think I understand the issues. If you exclude the small number of young adults who cycle on busy roads, most people whether old or young, whether on foot or on a bike or on a mobility scooter, want the same thing: safe, direct, attractive and well constructed routes away from motor cars.

Cycling between Ickleton and Duxford feels very unsafe and I would not want to take young children on the road - same with Hunts Road. Generally, taking young children cycling on roads between villages and where there are many junctions within a village can be very difficult at present.

(UK Independence Party)

I used to do a great deal of cycling but recent ill-health has prevented me from cycling for over a year now.
None of my close relatives have any interest in cycling whatsoever.

(UK Independence Party)

My wife and I both have cycles and use them regularly. My youngest dsughter uses her cycle to in Newcastle get to and from University, although I do have worries, as the facilities in that city are poor by comparison with Cambridge

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