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Question 7 - we asked:

The only cycle access to the new Science Park Station from the west will be the cycleway along the busway. For Cowley Road, the most direct route from the Science Park entrance or from the village of Milton has only a substandard shared-use pavement planned. For the latter, cyclists will have to move across the path of left-turning lorries in order to enter the station; the same is on the access from East Chesterton through Nuffield Road. Do you support our aim to make the area around the new station and the Science Park more permeable and safer for walking and cycling? Do you have any specific suggestions?

We asked this question in these 3 wards: Arbury, East Chesterton, West Chesterton.

10 of the 13 candidates (77%) who were asked this question responded as below.

Those candidate(s) which were elected are highlighted.

Daniel Jacob JOHN
(Conservative Party)

I think that more thought should be taken around the new junction for the Science Park station and that if possible a separate cycle lane should be investigated, similar to the proposed schemes for Hills road and Huntingdon road.

I would be in favour of the former access road being converted to a cycle lane if this can be agreed with Network Rail.

Stephen Roger LAWRENCE
(Green Party)

Cycling is always a major form on access to railway stations, despite trafic models that assume the contrary... No specific suggestions, however.

Peter Harry POPE
(Green Party)

Cowley Road is perhaps the best opportunity in the City to create world class facilities for cyclists, even to the extent of providing wind and weather protection along the route with a bridge over Milton Road.
Permeability is an excellent objective, however, the Bramblefield Nature reserve should be excluded from the commuter crush.

Charlotte PERRY
(Labour Party)

I fully support this measure, as it has been successfully implemented in other parts of the city.

(Labour Party)

I agree the area around and access to the station must be made safe for pedestrians and cyclists. The needs of the disabled must also be taken into account. We are concerned that the planned 1,000 cycle parking places will not be sufficient.

(Labour Party)

Yes, I was a very early signature to the petition re. Nuffield Road. We also need to be alert, however, to the need to preserve and protect Bramblesfield, in accordance with the clearly expressed wishes of local residents and assurances that have been given to them in public.

Ysanne Margaret AUSTIN
(Liberal Democrat)

The station offers an opportunity to many day-travellers. Many of these travellers will travel by bike or foot. Access routes and parking needs careful planning. Drop offs and taxis as well as bikes should be effectively catered for with an efficient transport network. I support the aim of improving cycle and pedestrian access to the station but as yet I am familiar enough with the proposals to offer specific suggestions.

(Liberal Democrat)

There has been no final decision made on how any station entrances will work, only on the location of possible entrances. The local liaison forum is being chaired by LibDem Cllr Ian Manning, who has worked to keep the planning consent as flexible as possible so that there is time for discussion with residents on the best way forward before any firm plans are agreed.

I am keen to work with Ian over the coming months and years to ensure station access meets the needs of local residents and is accessible by all modes of transport from multiple directions, rather than only accessible by people from further afield. We are already making progress here, as early indications are that the county is changing it's mind over the guided-bus only access to the station, to make it available to local buses too.

(Liberal Democrat)

Yes, I do support this aim.

I note that the Cyling Campaign is working with local Liberal Democrat councillor Ian Manning and others to develop detailed proposals for the area, and I hear that there are indications that the county council is beginning to listen to these voices, and I hope that any reasonable output from this process will be implemented.

(UK Independence Party)

No opinion
The following additional comments were made by this candidate:

How about getting the cyclists to ride on the road instead of hazarding pedestrians on footpaths where there is no marked cycle lane.
Come to the end of Union Lane at the High Street corner about 5pm and watch the cyclists come up the pavement on Chapel Street. Across the pedestrian crossing and onto the pavement to turn into Union Lane.

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