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Question 9 - we asked:

Newmarket Road, especially towards the inner end, is bad for cycling partly due to abuse of the bus lanes by cars. What would you do to try to improve it?

We asked this question:

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(Conservative Party)

More enforcement, through policing and maximising clear markings and signage

Oliver Charles Mathew PERKINS
(Green Party)

Yes, Newmarket Road is bad and dangerous. This is partly because motorists get angry as they are stuck in queues from the retail park. That said, the bus lanes are totally illogical as a driver, as you constantly have to pull out into the main traffic flow to avoid going into them. I think I would want riverside and the tow-path to be sign-posted from Newmarket road as a cycle-route to the town centre.

(Labour Party)

Newmarket Road needs a thorough review and real change. It is a difficult and hostile environment currently for cyclists and for pedestrians and dominated by cars. The police also need to enforce bus lane restrictions including at the junctions.

Marcus John Gilbert STREETS
(Liberal Democrat)

I know Newmarket Road very well and traffic has got worse over the years I have lived here.
The bus lane is so disjoint that it does not really help buses - so I would personally remove it.

There does need to be two lanes from the East Rd roundabout to Eastern Gate - but there is probably no need for more than a single lane beyond that.

This should allow for a dedicated cycle lane.

It does also need some extra pedestrian crossings as well.

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