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Question 3 - we asked:

Do you support our view that traffic policing, of all groups of road users (cyclists, drivers, etc), should become a greater police priority, and that this should be evidence-based, namely based on the relative levels of danger presented by each such group?

We asked this question:

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(Conservative Party)


Oliver Charles Mathew PERKINS
(Green Party)

I don't see a great need for this. Police time is already under lots of pressure from various interest groups. I'd much rather they were deploying resources to combat domestic violence, for example. Of course, all policing should be evidence, rather than pressure group based.

(Labour Party)

Cycling on some roads can be unpleasant when some cars and lorries overtake. The police should act against all road users who use the space poorly and it needs to run alongside an education programme.

Marcus John Gilbert STREETS
(Liberal Democrat)

Safety has to be the prime concern for all traffic legislation and policing.
I believe that education is the key - it is more effective to

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